An American customer bought an Italian leather briefcase from us some time ago, and got in touch to ask for a wider strap, as the one supplied was a bit narrow, and was causing discomfort.

The answer to this problem is not a new strap, but a comfort pad.

This is a simple piece of leather or material, padded and usually with a non-slip surface on the wearing side. It has slits so the carrying strap may be threaded  through, and when worn the pad distributes the briefcase’s or travel bag’s weight so it no longer digs into your shoulder.

There’s plenty to choose from on-line if you visit eBay or Amazon, and a good cobbler or leathergoods shop should also stock these.

Prices range from about £5 upwards, but a worthwhile investment.

It is a fact that when we were designing and importing leather bags in bulk, we could insist that the factory included a good strap plus comfort pad as standard. However, relying on importers as we do now, we can only keep nagging them to get this feature included.

Happily we work with one factory that does include this excellent feature, and you can see it on one of our best selling cases when you follow this link.