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Leather After Care

Our products are manufactured from a wide range of leathers obtained from various animals and from many countries. They can also be tanned in different ways.

It is important that you do not keep leather items in a hot dry atmosphere, as tanned leather contains natural oils that keep it supple and looking good. The product can be harmed if it dries out. It may be possible to restore it, but this cannot be guaranteed.

It is also important that a leather item does not get excessively wet. Some leathers may be sprayed to help keep out damp, but a thorough soaking will wash the salts out of the hide, typically leaving you with a white deposit as a tide-line on the surface. In some instances a “shoe polish” will restore the product, but this cannot be guaranteed.

For individual items it’s best to consult the seller when you buy. And remember, detailed information is easily found by searching Google for “leather-care”.