As I was passing St. Keyna’s Road in Hove last week, it crossed my mind just how many saints I’ve heard of, and how few actually I know anything about.

St.George is a very popular saint not only of England, but more than a dozen other countries.

St.Patrick, St.Andrew and St.David are national saints of Ireland, Scotland and Wales respectively, but unless you’re Catholic, it’s probably difficult to name many more and know what they are connected with.

St.Christopher would be one that most could recognise, as patron saint of travellers.

Certainly I was unaware that St.Crispian was the patron saint of leather workers, or St.Bartholomew was the saint of cobblers, tanners, bookbinders and shoemakers.

And St. Keyna was a holy woman, reputedly one of the twenty four children of King Brychan of Brecknock, and died a virgin in 505 AD. She is patron saint of St.Martin-by-Looe in Cornwall.

So the next question is why is a road in Hove named after her?