Over the years, The Leather Briefcase Company has had orders from politician’s offices in Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Our most expensive case is £299, but all the ones chosen were much less.

No interest that we know of from The European Parliament in Brussels yet, but then our prices are probably well under their budget, and we hear that they don’t have to produce receipts for any claim they might make for under £250,

Please note they get £44,000 [ Forty-four thousand pounds ] per annum for annual office expenses up-front.

That’s right, £44K! And that’s in addition to 96000 euros in salary…about another £81000.

Sadly, our highly paid politicians have been known to like a bad day’s news, so they can slip out unwelcome information of their own: but recently there are instances of the European politicians actually being the bad news themselves.

The instances of two MEPS, an Italian and a Czech, signing in at 6:30 pm to claim 300 euros for a days work is a prime example.  Please go to YouTube if you are interested to see what goes on.


Be prepared for violence and bad language!

Naturally enough reporters and cameras are now to be banned from the signing in area.

That’s absolutely consistent logic from the Brussels Brigade who protect their feeding trough so carefully that the EU books have not been passed by their accountants for the past eighteen years.

It’s also claimed that many French MEPs not only sign on in the evening, they only stay for the night [also on full expenses, no receipt required] then sign in AGAIN the next morning before going straight home again without a stroke of work, if they knew the meaning of the word.

Even if you don’t support Nigel Farage [also watch him on YouTube for splendid entertainment] when he argues UKIP’s policy for the Brussels bureaucracy to be abolished, it is an interesting question.

Would we miss the European Parliament? in terms of saving the public purse ? in terms of enlightening entertainment?

Or is it just this plain and simple? we’re peeved we’ve not had an order from them, so we won’t be sad to see them go!

Best not to ask our view on the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. You’d think he’d want to replace that old case he waves about every so often!