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It’s a softer smaller casual style suitable for today’s business world.


Product Description

This is a smaller leather briefcase, hand-made in Italy.
It’s really popular for carrying iPads and smaller PCs.

It weighs 1.65 kgs [ 3.6lbs ] and externally it’s 38 x 28 x 11 cms [ 15 x 11 x 4.5 inches ]

All the hide used to make it is carefully selected from the acclaimed tanneries of the Tuscan region.
The local traditional tanning process produces strong supple leather, in beautiful shades.

The design has a full flap, secured by double snap-button closures.

Inside are two equal sized compartments: each one measures 34 cm across, 23 cm deep and 4 cms wide.

On the front wall there’s a zipped pocket across the width of the case.
Underneath this there are two paper-back sized pockets, with some organiser slots on the front.

If you wish to carry a laptop or similar in this case, it’s advisable it’s in a protective sleeve, as the case has no padding.

There is a full-width zipped pocket across the back, suitable for documents or a magazine.

The anchor points for the adjustable shoulder strap are both rivetted and stitched in place on the top of the case.
Alternatively there are side anchor points for the shoulder strap.

The top carry handle is sculpted for a comfortable grip.

It’s a softer smaller casual style suitable for today’s business world.

Additional Information

Weight1.65 kg
Dimensions38 x 28 x 11 cm


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