Leather Briefcase New Video

Like many other sports fans I took a look at the weekend’s Grand Prix a few days back, but going round in circles very fast is something I’ve perfected in my own office years ago.

So I switched over to something equally relaxing.

Then there was a mention somewhere of the advertising revenue that supported the Grand Prix…in the range of £40 million ! I know a lot of people watch these events, but surely everything does flash by?

Anyway I’m really interested in why a vast sum gets invested for just one weekend, so I sat down to watch the late night replay, with my doodle pad handy, to record what names I could.


Here’s the companies that splashed the cash to get their brands all over the circuit and cars.

Pirelli [ tyres ] LG [ no idea what they are or do ] Allianz [ not sure ] Rolex [ even I know that one! ] Lotus [ cars ] Infiniti [ nope ] Vodaphone [ yes ] Clear [ no ] UBS [ bank ] Petronas [ not sure ] Emirates [ makes me think of Arsenal ]  and if I missed others they weren’t trying hard enough.

This one was noticeably missing – Firestone – so Pirelli must have outbid them?  There were no ads either for Renault, Ferrari or Mercedes, so I guess they relied on their cars to do the talking.

Also noticed in one of the technical areas all the guys watching the screens had “Blackberry” head-sets, so there was a lot of fine-tuning all round.

Compare that considerable outlay for no measurable result to our first effort on Youtube!

The Leather Briefcase has just spent notalot on a really good video which has already had over 150 viewers in the first day, with six “likes”. Great exposure of all the range, Ruitertassen briefcases, Old Angler Italian leathergoods, the leather folios and computer bags, nothing left out.

And I’m in the office, just spinning round very fast, in ever decreasing circles. But I’ll stop to watch this!