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Your personal recommendation is our greatest asset. We are truly grateful and encouraged to have received these comments.

Andrew, Carol and Jocelyn Ollett. Directors. The Leather Briefcase Company.

  • PT 4154 Italian leather cabin bag Thank you so much
    for the quality briefcase i received on Tuesday. Absolutely fantastic.
    I will be recommending your company to everyone i know who works in the
    City of London and needs a new briefcase. Great service from beginning
    to end.

    Georgina N. Andover 28th August 2014

    Greetings to all.I would just like to acknowledge receipt of order.
    [ #11 – 4729 Langstone Briefcase ] May I take this opportunity
    to mention that it is superior to what was described on your site, the
    quality of this product is excellent and delivery 1st class. This purchase
    has prompted me to consider further purchases in the near future. Many

    John H. [Corby ] 28 Oct 2014

    1088 Enzo Olletti Italian leather holdall Thank you!
    the bag is received and very nice:) [ # 1088 Enzo Olletti Italian leather
    holdall ] Thank you Best regards

    Evy E. [ Hauglandshella, Norway ] 2 Dec 2014

    Hi Joss Received the bag yesterday, was a bit of a surprise getting
    it so quickly. Very pleased with the look and quality. [# 2082
    XXL travel holdall] Regards

    April E. [ Redditch ] 27 Feb 2015

    My messenger bag Hello, I was looking for something
    on your site, just thought I would send a little review for my bag purchased
    at Christmas 2009. Just to say it gets used nearly every working day and
    is still as good as it ever was. Really good quality for the price paid
    – the down side for you is that I will probably never need a new one!!

    Kevin W – March 5th 2015
  • Josh/ Elena

    Just to let you know how pleased I was to receive my new brief case [ # 64G made in Italy ] today which arrived beautifully wrapped.
    The quality is excellent!
    Many thanks
    Robert J. [ Saltash ] Jan 20 2017

     Hi Joss,
    Just a quick note to say that I received my case [ Italian briefcase PT 9404 ] yesterday and am over the moon with it.
    It was everything I was hoping it would be in terms of the quality, size and design.
    Am also very happy with the colour – so it was certainly worth the wait!
    Kind regards
    Hu B. July 1st [ Southampton ]
    Hi Jocelyn
    Just to let you know we got the bags [ Ruitertassen briefcases ] the day after I called APC and they are just as beautiful and functional as they look on your website.
    Very happy with them
    Thank you,
    Ange. {Plymouth ] May 26, 2016
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful bag, it is just what I wanted for my husband.
    [ # 301 brown – Italian leather slim-line briefcase ]
    I will definately be back on the site soon.
    Kind regards
    Kim C [ Bolton ] May 17th 2016
    Dear Joss,
    Received my Enzo Olletti Cabin bag today. [ x 1088 £199.95 ]
    I am so pleased with it, thought I would just say a big thank you for an excellent product.
    Really well made, a delight to behold.
    Kind Regards
    Trevor Gill [14th April 2016 ]
    Apologies for not acknowledging your last email sooner.
    I would like to thank you for the speedy resolution.
    It’s really appreciated.
    Great no nonsense customer service!
    Kind Regards
    Gary D. [ Crewe ] Dec 12th 2015
    [ We settle customer issues quickly. In this instance an immediate refund was made for a rare faulty item]
    Just a quick email to say that the magnificent “pochette”
    which I ordered last week arrived first thing yesterday morning.I am impressed by the quality and the speed of delivery.
    The smell of real leather takes me back to good quality car seats from
    my youth!
    Thank you; I’m sure I will be placing further orders in the future.Best wishes
    Margaret L. [ TOURTOIRAC, FRANCE ] Nov 30th 2015
    Please note ordered 24th November, delivery in 4 working days.
    # AL 83 Antique Brown Rolling Case Just to let you
    know that I received the case today and I’m absolutely thrilled with the
    quality! Thank you for your wonderful service! Regards Elizabeth
    T. [ Beverley ] Nov 25th 2015
    Just received the briefcase. [ # 187954 cognac ] It looks beautiful.
    Wise choice as a Xmas present for the daughter – she will love it. Rita
    E. [ Wrexham ] Nov 11th 2015
    Leather Briefcase Special Offer at £75, as sold on Amazon for
    £150. Thank you so much for a prompt helpful service. The briefcase
    is absolutely wonderful. You can tell it’s good quality and is really
    well packaged / presented. It is going to make a fabulous 3rd wedding
    anniversary gift. I shall certainly recommend you. Thanks Jo P.
    [ Kings Lynn ] July 20th, 2015
    # 7121 leather folio Special delivery next day by 9am
    [# 7121 leather folio]Office reception bell rang at 8:58 Many thanks for
    making it happen – really appreciated. Michael J. [ Victoria ]
    June 3 2015
    # 795 Hi Joss,Just to let you know the briefcase [
    # 795 from Florence ] has gone down exceptionally well!He is delighted
    with it!Thanks again for all your efforts in helping us delivery the perfect
    50th birthday present on time! Much appreciated. Kind regards Alison
    H. [ Ruislip ] 25th May 2015
    # 187801 Dear Joss,I’m pleased to say that the bag
    [ # 187801 ] has arrived after its European tour. However, it was well
    worth the wait.The bag is superb and we are both very pleased with it.Many
    thanks. John R [ Bulgaria ] April 18th 2015
    Ruitertassen 2458 Picked the bag up today love it!
    [ Ruitertassen 2458 ] Just what I was looking for Thanks. Rob O.
    [ Manchester ]  April 15th 2015
    Recent purchase # 1404 attache case I recently purchased
    a briefcase from you. The quality product arrived promptly and was well
    packaged and as described. Especially good was the delivery service which
    allowed me to leave specific instructions for delivery – something that
    is valuable living in the remote countryside. I will definitely recommend
    you to other buyers. Rafe C. [ Nr. Stroud ] March 4th 2015
     My messenger bag Hello, I was looking for something
    on your site, just thought I would send a little review for my bag purchased
    at Christmas 2009. Just to say it gets used nearly every working day and
    is still as good as it ever was. Really good quality for the price paid
    – the down side for you is that I will probably never need a new one!!
    Kevin W – March 5th 2015
    Hi Joss Received the bag yesterday, was a bit of a surprise getting
    it so quickly. Very pleased with the look and quality. [# 2082
    XXL travel holdall] Regards April E. [ Redditch ] 27
    Feb 2015
    1088 Enzo Olletti Italian leather holdall Thank you!
    the bag is received and very nice:) [ # 1088 Enzo Olletti Italian leather
    holdall ] Thank you Best regards Evy E. [ Hauglandshella, Norway
    ] 2 Dec 2014
    Greetings to all.I would just like to acknowledge receipt of order.
    [ #11 – 4729 Langstone Briefcase ] May I take this opportunity
    to mention that it is superior to what was described on your site, the
    quality of this product is excellent and delivery 1st class. This purchase
    has prompted me to consider further purchases in the near future. Many
    thanks, John H. [Corby ] 28 Oct 2014
    PT 4154 Italian leather cabin bag Thank you so much
    for the quality briefcase i received on Tuesday. Absolutely fantastic.
    I will be recommending your company to everyone i know who works in the
    City of London and needs a new briefcase. Great service from beginning
    to end. Georgina N. Andover 28th August 2014
    Boardroom Case I would just like to thank you for the
    beautiful leather bag [ PT 4154 Italian leather cabin bag ] that arrived
    ( as predicted to the minute) yesterday. Sturdy and just what I was looking
    for for a son heading off to the army! Many thanks for your quick response.
    Stephen S – 24/01/2014
    # 53 Old Angler briefcase, shipped from Florence, arrived in
    4 days. Arrived safely – many thanks. A beautiful product and
    amazingly prompt delivery. Kate H. [ Stourport ]  17/12/2013
    Dear The Leather Briefcase Co. Re: CREANDO TRAVELLER’S LOCKABLE
    PC BRIEFCASE Just received my order to such great delight! It’s a
    terrific looking briefcase! Your pictures are great online, but its even
    better than I thought. The finish & detail are very impressive.I wish
    it was for me, but its for my son who just started his first post grad
    job. You’re service is fantastic too keeping me well informed and up to
    date with delivery date & times. I have purchased from you before
    several years ago and my husband uses his satchel bag all the time and its
    still in great condition. You’re the best find I’ve come across. Thank
    you so much and best wishes for the Holidays! 🙂 Sincerely, Mrs Elsa
    E. [Wrexham ] 11th Dec 2013
    Jocelyn, Just a quick thank you, I know that you have loads of these
    however I wanted to add mine to the pile. The case arrived as promised,
    your service could not have been better and the case is superb. [ Ruitertassen
    # 2337 ]I am now a very firm advocate of your business and will be recommending
    you to my network [already had one or two colleagues admiring my case]
    I wish you every success and I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Thanks
    again Andrew J. [ Bierton ] June 15th 2013
    Hi Joss I received my Enzo Olletti cabin bag today. Thanks for supplying
    an excellent quality item and also accept my thanks for the oustanding
    customer service that you provide. Regards George G (Northampton)
    29th April 2013
    Briefcase arrived today. [ # 598 Old Angler, made in Italy.] Beautifully
    made,exquisite quality. Many thanks Sandip S. [ Preston ] 8th April
    Dear All, I received my beautiful bag (Jaspar satchel in chestnut) today
    (Tuesday) having only placed the order at the weekend.This is the second
    item that I have bought from you and again it is superb. You enable your
    customers to make their purchases with a huge amount of confidence with
    regard to quality and that is so important when buying on line. Again,
    I look forward to the time that I need another bag from you. Very best
    wishes and thanks for such a smashing experience. Siobhan J. Cheltenham
    26th Feb 2013
    Hello all, Just a quick note to say thank you for the dust bag you managed
    to find and send off with the bag. Even though it’s been a few years since
    the last purchase I have to say your service now, as it was then, is exemplary!
    If anyone were to ask me ‘where can i get a decent leather bag’ i would
    have no hesitation in recommending you. Actually, if memory serves, I
    put your leather wash bag on my Xmas wish list…..which I duly received!
    many thanks again. Albert Y. Croydon. 29 May 2013
    Hi Jocelyn All received. My husband is very pleased with the briefcase.
    # 53 Many thanks for your help. Regards Jackie S [ Whitstable ] 31/1/13
    I recently bought a briefcase from you online. [ # 3194 briefcase.]
    I just wanted to let you know that it was the best purchase I have ever
    made!!! Its safe to say you have a loyal customer. Thank you for providing
    such a great service, its a shame there are very few retailers like you!
    Thank you once again, Kind regards, Mr. Tariq K, MD (MUDr).[ Blackpool
    ] 23rd Jan 2013
    Subject: Thank you RUITERTASSEN # 2103 Hi Jos I just wanted to thank
    you for my RT bag and the excellent service you gave me. The quality of
    the bag is fantastic and I am sure will give me many years of service
    All the best Robert G. [ Cranbrook ] 8th Jan 2013
    Dear all I just bought a special offer briefcase from you and was so
    delighted I have ordered another for my son. The service was excellent
    from start to finish and I am thoroughly impressed. I have recommended
    you very highly here and will certainly order from you again as I suspect
    will others here. The case itself is excellent value and I particularly
    like the small size as you could get away with taking it on a flight as
    well as cabin luggage. Little touches such as the leather phone holder
    are also pleasing. In summary this case is fantastic value coupled with
    first class service. Thank you once again Yours aye Professor Alan M.
    [ Dartmouth ] 8th Jan 2013
    The bag was fantastic [ Jethro special offer £49.95 ] thank you very
    good quality. Best wishes, Sarah H. [ Tamworth ] Jan 3rd 2013
    Jocelyn, I received the briefcases today, and I can’t tell you happy
    I am with the them. [ # 3194 & # 2115 ] Thank you for all your help
    with the order, and I wish you and everyone there at Leather Briefcase
    Co a very Happy New Year! Sincerely, Mark G. [ Charleston USA ] 29/12/12
    Hello again Jocelyn, Apparently this parcel arrived late yesterday.
    So thank you for fantastic service yet again. The suit bag which I bought
    a few years back is wonderful and this shoulder bag it exactly what I
    needed and at a great price. Many thanks Regards Michael F. [ Goring by
    Sea ] 5/12/12
    # 3194 dark brown £39.95 Good evening Sorry for the late reply, I wanted
    to use the case before I gave some feedback. I had reservations purely
    down to the case being so cheap. I am truly delighted with my purchase.
    The case feels and looks like it should cost £200. It has been a fabulous
    purchase and I have already recommended this case to a few colleagues,
    I work with 100 plus individuals who all (in my opinion) NEED this case.
    Thank you for a great case and great service. J M [ Worcester ] Nov 12th
    Subject: customer satisfied Good afternoon, I ordered two bags on Monday
    afternoon. One arrived Tuesday morning and one Wednesday. Delighted with
    the bags and the service. I don’t bother looking anywhere else now when
    I need a briefcase. Regards Sharon M. [ Lanchester ] 24 Oct 2012
    Subject: Re: Style 3194 Triple Compartment Classis Leather Briefcase
    Hi Jocelyn I’m really glad that I ordered this briefcase from you. It
    is exceptional value for money and I was also very impressed with the
    speed of delivery; the case arrived at my office before 10.15am the day
    after I placed the order! I would have no hesitation in recommending your
    company to colleagues and friends. Kind regards David C. [ Elstree ] 16/10/2012
    Just to thank you for excellent service and a high quality bag which
    my husband is extremely pleased with. [ # ED 20 ] The bag arrived the
    next day and was aptly described and matched the colour shown on the photograph
    well; I bought the dark brown which looks great and is used daily by my
    husband for work. He says it’s perfect… Thank you! Liz N [ Coventry
    ] 11th Sep 2012
    I received my order today and it is just what I was looking for. [ folio
    # LBC 238 ] The quality is really good for the money and its fast delivery
    super. I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues. Regards
    Jane R. [ Milton Keynes ] 4th Sep 2012
    dear joss, I have got the bag yesterday n i am satisfied with the fine
    quality of it. i hope your business goes well n i hope i will order something
    in the future. thanks BEST WISHES S. PARK [ South Korea ] August 23rd
    Hello Just a quick line (belatedly) to say thanks for the 2 briefcases
    I purchased for colleagues last year and in June this year. The quality
    was much appreciated and the service was also appreciated. Thank you.
    Cyrus G. [ London W.1 ] 25th July 2012
    Hi Jocelyn, My briefcase arrived this lunchtime, and I am absolutely
    delighted with it. [ # 5261 ] It really is top quality. Thank you for
    a truly excellent service and best wishes. Alan R.( Barnsley.) 12th July
    Subject: thank you – love the leather bags [ PT 4154 & PT 5154 ]
    Hello Joss and Jocelyn, I just wanted to say many thanks. I received my
    luggage (matching set of 2) extremely fast and I love the quality/look/etc
    of the bags. I will definitely be back. You have a customer for life.
    kind regards, Brian S. [ BFPO 28 ] 10th July 2012
    I just wanted to tell you that the briefcase I bought from you a little
    while ago, gives me pleasure everyday. It is so beautifully made, the
    way the opening flap folds back and stays back. The briefcase sits upright
    with ease and the bottom has no studs so cannot scratch any furniture.
    It is very capacious with a place for everything. Obviously leather craftsmanship
    learnt over many years. The leather itself is superb, small scratches
    and bumps seem to self-heal with a little helpful rub – amazing. Thanks
    to you & Enzo for a beautiful product. Sincerely, David [ Penarth
    ] July 1 2012
    The briefcase has just arrived, [ # 87846 ] In plenty of time for my
    lovely granddaughter Emma’s Graduation. Thank you so much for your prompt
    attention . I know she will love it . Best wishes to all Mary M xx [ Bishopbriggs
    ] 19 June 2012
    Just a brief note of appreciation Guys, We received the wonderful Cortez
    large travel holdalls, [ # 61935 ] they were just spot on for a wee road-trip
    round Europe (Edinburgh-Hull-Nurburg-Stuttgart-Innsbruck-Turin-Nice (GP
    in Monaco) – Gravedonna – Troyes – Winsdor and Home !!) Really, I have
    to say though the quality is very very good, in fact the Concierge who
    helped us with our bags at one of the hotels said in all his years helping
    guests with their bags he had never handled softer leather holdalls !
    Quite a compliment ! I hope to buy again when Cortez Laptop bag is in
    stock in Tan, please let me know when you have this available Cheers Steve
    P. [ Edinburgh ] 7th June 2012
    Dear Joss, Today I received my rolling suiter [89149] and I admit that
    you do great business. Thank you very much. You are true professionals.
    Soon I will also buy the 89151 business case! Best Regards, Kostas Z.
    [ Athens ] 8th May 2012
    Joss A few days ago I wrote to you because I was quite worried about
    the true colour of your tan leather holdall. As you might have noticed,
    I wasn`´t even convinced when I ordered the bag. [ # 61935 ] However,
    last week I recieved the bag(s) and I think you should know that I am
    very satisfied with the colour and the quality of the bags. They are perfect!!
    Sincerely Morten L [ Denmark ] 25th April 2012
    Hi Joss, The Briefcases arrived yesterday and i just want to say a big
    thank-you to you and the professional team you all are. The cases were
    perfect and as advertised. What was unexpected however, was the products
    i received, they were impeccable! For a while, i could not believe that
    i was the proud owner of such exquisite cases. Suffice to say, i am extremly
    thrilled with the quality of the cases. I am happy to put my name on the
    line and say, you have an ambassador in me. Kind regards Deng G. [ PERTH,
    WESTERN AUSTRALIA ] 10th April 2012 Delivered in 15 working days over
    Easter break.
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my delight at my Leather attaché
    case. I am a busy general practitioner and purchased the case to use as
    a medical case. I have had many cases in the past which quickly detiorate
    under the pressure they are put under. The product you sent me was far
    superior to cases I have purchased in the past , some of which were far
    more expensive. Many thanks for the attaché case and your excellent service.
    Yours Sincerely Dr. Steve D. [ Lincs ] 8th April 2012
    Re: Problem with Briefcase Jocelyn Many thanks for your prompt service
    attending to the problem. I have been extremely impressed by your efficiency
    and willingness to resolve this problem to my satisfaction. Best wishes
    David E. [ # 501 briefcase handle repair under warranty ]
    Hello Jocelyn, I just received the travel bags. Beautiful. Very happy.
    [ Italian Gladstone Set ] Best regards, Willem G. [ Amsterdam ] 16 Mar
    Kenneth Cole Briefcase Thanks, Rarely do I do this, but you really have
    impressed me today. At about 2pm yesterday I ordered the Kenneth Cole
    reaction briefcase to replace a mundane PC / carry case. Today at 1:30
    its here!! Is is actually better than I thought and a terrific price.
    It is already loaded with my work paraphernalia. Thanks for a great service
    and product and I will recommend you any time and will look nowhere else
    should I need a similar item. Thanks. Ian S. [Preston ] 15 Mar 2012
    Arrived safely, today, great bags and great customer service. [ # 61935
    – set of two ] Many thanks Deb L. [ Ivybridge ] 16 Feb 2012
    Hi Guys just a quick thank you for the prompt service and the nice bag
    (LBC 5) will definitely recommend you to others Kind regards Steve B.
    [ 15 Feb 2012 ] Romsey
    Dear Leatherbriefcase Co I never write unsolicited reviews but I wanted
    to let you know I am really delighted with the briefcase I bought from
    you last week. It is really great quality and much better than I ever
    anticipated… [ # LBC 716 ] Thank you Best wishes Sophie C. [Twickenham]
    6th Feb 2012
    Dear Andrew, Carol & Jocelyn, I don’t write many reviews, but I
    wanted to commend you on your exemplary service. I ordered a leather briefcase
    this time yesterday and now I’m admiring it! [ # 1929 ] It’s a first class
    case, bought at the best price I could find on the web and delivered exceptionally
    quickly. Clearly, your order fulfilment system matches the superlative
    quality of your products. I’m sure I’ll shop with you again and certainly
    my wife will. Very well done! Kind regards Nick S. [ MALTON ] 19 JAN 2012
    Hi Joss, Just to let you know the bag arrived before 9am! [ # 87890
    Cargo Holdall ] Most impressed and absolutely delighted with it! Thanks
    so much and will definitely order from you in future. Fran S. [ Fulham
    ] 12/01/12
    Thank you for such excellent service. I received the case [ # 89150
    ] this morning and I am very pleased with it. I am sure my husband will
    love it as a Christmas present. Kind regards Josie B. [ Fakenham 24/11/11
    Good Morning Thank you for your response, the parcel did arrive yesterday
    and I have checked it today.[# 1457] May I take this opportunity to thank
    you for such prompt and courteous service. I will certainly look to use
    you again and recommend you to friends and family. Kind Regards Richard
    D. [Kirkby in Ashfield – 17/11/11]
    I just wanted to drop you a note to say how pleased I was with your
    service. Everything was completely efficient and painless. Selection was
    easy from your website (although you may remember we had a chat a few
    weeks ago when I suggested that you needed some high-resolution images
    to show the finer details of your product). Ordering was simple and delivery
    was very quick. The attache case looks lovely, smells lovely and works
    perfectly. [ # 9860 ] Well done! I will certainly visit again if I needed
    anything more. Regards, Dr Phil T. [ Bristol ] 11/11/2011
    All, Thanks for the excellent service! The bag [ # 8548 ] arrived exactly
    on time within a week to the US and was exactly what I was looking for.
    I’ve already gotten many compliments on its subtle styling and have been
    talking up your service. Thanks again! Romel P [ Washington D.C. USA ]
    Subject: Thank you Hello, I would like to thank you for your service.
    Today I have received the bag (LBC 716), that I have ordered. I am very
    satisfied. Speed of delivery to Czech Republic was excellent. On Monday
    I have placed the order and on Wednesday the bag has arrived. Very nice.
    I will recommend your shop to my riends. Best regards, Zdenek H. MOHELNICE
    – CZECH REPUBLIC 9/11/2011
    Hi Joss Absolutely amazed!!!!!!! What a brilliant service you provide
    – from the phone call to discuss the item to your understanding of my
    individual delivery problems. The bag arrived this morning – great quality
    and absolutely perfect for the purpose it was bought for. [ # LBC 8233
    ] I am thrilled and would recommend your site to anyone – you will be
    the first port of call for any other quality leather bags I require. Carry
    on just the way you are! Much appreciation and I wish you every future
    success. Kind regards Kim [ Wanstead 5/11/2011 ]
    Hi Joss Happy for you to use as testimonial:I ordered 2 bags to compare
    and choose. [ briefcases # 87801 & # 90061 ] They are so lovely that
    my husband is keeping the other one ! The styles are brilliant , the leather
    luxurious, and your customer service excelllent. Definitely an all-round
    12 out of 10 ! Thanks so much Florence B. [ Suffolk ] 17/10/2011
    Dear All, I just wanted to email you to say thank you very much for
    fantastic service ! The breifcase is just what I wanted and looks great.
    [ # PT 3104 ] Thank you & best regards Terry B [Warrington] 20/9/11
    Good morning Just a quick email to say the briefcase arrived yesterday
    lunchtime and I am delighted with the product. Thank you very much for
    your most efficient service, prompt delivery and for the first class leather
    briefcase, it is just what I wanted. We shall not hesitate to recommend
    you whenever we can. kind regards Mike B. [ Welford-on-Avon ] 7/9/2011
    Hi there Joss, [ # 89151 ] Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting
    out the delivery of the case to Devon – It arrived safe and sound and
    (like the suit carrier) looks superb – Really impressive and excellent
    value for money. Thanks again. Ben P.[ Devon ] 28/08 /2011
    Italian Holdall [ # 1088 ] hi, the holdall arrived safely today in time
    for tomorrow, thankyou so much for taking the time to organise the delivery.
    It is very much appreceated and the bag is lovely as expected many thanks.
    jenny g. [ Romsey ] 23/08/2011
    Hello, Just a little note to say thank you very much for the fabulous
    leather holdall and laptop case and time you spent helping me choose.
    My dad was over the moon with his birthday presents. [#61935 Holdall &
    # 87801 Briefcase – matching leather] It arrived all the next day. The
    quality is very high and everyone was very impressed with them. Just Brilliant!!
    Kind regards Isla H. [ Shrewsbury ] 22/08/2011
    Hi Just a note to say how pleased I am with the 18238 folio received
    this week. And the excellent advice and service you provided, something
    that is all too often absent these days. Regards Peter C. [ Slough ] 13/8/2011
    Hi The folio [# 3603 ] has arrived and it is so lovely, my husband has
    decided he needs one as well! May I buy another one please? Thank you
    Danni L. [ Moss Vale, Australia ] 20/7/11
    Refund Sirs, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to do business
    with you. Even though it didn’t work out as we hoped your sensible approach
    to doing business is both refreshing and very well received. I shall (and
    already have) recommend you to friends and colleagues. Regards, Mark W.
    [ Bucks ] 13/07/2011
    Hi, Thank you for a superb product and very quick delivery. Everything
    looks great and is already in use.No niggles at all. May I just offer
    feedback that if the two side by side front pockets were about 10 to 15
    mm longer, top to bottom that is, I would be able to get my reading glasses
    easily inside one of them. Great product. Best regards John B. [ Telford
    ] 09/07/2011 Thanks for your kind comments. The feedback went straight
    to the manufacturer, and is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Unless customers tell
    us how to improve we’ll produce the same old designs. A gift voucher is
    in the post. Best wishes, Jocelyn Ollett. [ Managing Director ]
    Dear Jocelyn I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my
    purchase, which arrived safely today. [ # 87953 ] A lovely bag of fabulous
    quality and a super speedy delivery too!! Fantastic – thanks very much.
    J Kind regards Trudy P. [ Bognor Regis ] 28/06/2011
    Joss, Just a quick e-mail to say my son has received the ‘Henry’ briefcase
    I ordered for him safe and sound in Sweden. He is delighted with its quality
    and style and rest assured I will certainly recommend the Leather Briefcase
    Co for your fast and efficient service and quality of product. Once again
    many thanks. Regards Rick S. 22/06/2011
    Re: Order No Ref: 199945 [ # 3046 ] I just wanted to let you know how
    happy I am with your company and the service I received. I placed my order
    on Sunday evening and promptly received it on Tuesday morning. The messenger
    bag I ordered is actually better than I imagined – really nice quality
    thick leather, very well made and good looking. It has been a pleasure
    to do business with you, I wish all Internet companies were as efficient,
    honest and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to
    all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you! With best wishes Gillian
    L. [ Harpenden ] 18/06/2011
    Just a short email to say how much the case was liked by my partner
    when she recieved it for her birthday. Great service, quality goods, i
    will be buying from you again. [ # 87801 ] Thank you Regards Rob P. [
    Cannock ] 14/06/11
    Hi, the parcel arrived yesterday afternoon…maybe italian custom delay…
    (italians are always italians…:-( thanks very much for your reply and
    congratulation for your product is what I expected.[ # 23468 ] regards
    matteo S. [ ROME ] 01/06/2011
    Jocelyn et al, I’ve just received delivery of my leather cabin luggage
    and there is only one word to describe it –stunning. I’m absolutely delighted
    with the bag in every way. Following on from our telephone conversation
    I am so pleased that I chose the tan option (and for anyone else thinking
    of this –the finish is a sumptuous deep-tan colour which is wonderful
    –the gallery pics can’t do it justice) Details are everything and the
    quality and the finishing of the stitching is exceptional and I especially
    like the fact that the tan bag that I chose has silver fittings and mounts
    as opposed to the bronze ones on the darker bags. As for customer service
    –I can’t praise your company highly enough. I had a great chat with Jocelyn
    to clarify some points about the bag before ordering. I ordered the bag
    yesterday morning and it has arrived this morning –and I’ll be on a plane
    with it tomorrow for a business trip –perfect. Many thanks for a great
    service and a great bag. Regards Philip M. [ Leeds ] 11/05/2011
    Dear Jocelyn, Thank you for your quick reply. Since then I have ordered
    and received this product. Your service is excellent and I have to say
    I am extremely pleased with the bag. Like you say on your website it is
    a genuine bargain; the quality is excellent and I don’t think I could
    have got a better deal elsewhere. The smell of the leather is just what
    I would expect from a far more expensive bag. To sum up I am over the
    moon! Regards, John W. [ St.Albans ] 28/5/11
    Thank you very much for the beautiful case, [ # 74970 ] which turned
    up in good time. Thank you also for the friendly assistance on the telephone.
    Best Regards, Martin P. [ Lincs. ] 28/5/11
    Dear Jocelyn, The briefcase arrived this afternoon. Fabulous service.
    AND its just what I wanted…..[ # 2115 Italian Hand-made Portfolio ]
    thank you kindly, Fiona W. [ Cambs ] 16/05/2011
    The messenger bag (41056) arrived as promised on Monday. I cannot tell
    you how pleased I am with it. The design is superb, the colour is perfect,
    exceptional value for money and it really is going to be immensely useful
    and practical. And thank you for delaying dispatch as requested so that
    we were at home to receive it. My partner and I (she was buying this as
    a birthday present) had spent (wasted) hours trawling the net until we
    came across your site. You must be the best kept secret and I do hope
    that more people come across your site so that they can get the same pleasure
    as I’ve already had from this perfect gift. You can add me to your list
    of very satisfied customers. Kind regards Anthony C. [ Haslemere ] 21/4/2011
    All received safe and sound.[# LBC 8410 ] What excellent service and
    what a fabulous bag. Very pleased and thanks very much. Regards Chris
    W. [ CHINGFORD ] 06/04/2011
    Hi Jocelyn The luggage just arrived – one word – wow! [ Set of # 7085
    and # 8810L ] The bags look (and smell) magnificent, beautifully made
    and good quality, everything I hoped for. A thoroughly friendly, prompt,
    efficient service and suchgood value as well – a great experience. I cannot
    recommend your company highly enough, and I hope we can do some more business
    soon. Thanks again regards Rob E. [ Co.Wexford ] 31/03/2011
    Hi, Just to let you know – the case arrived yesterday. [ # 3638 Babila
    briefcase ] I’m very happy with it. Regards Duncan F. [ Wallington, Surrey.
    ] 23/03/2011
    Subject: # 87890 Vaquetta Leather holdall by Cortez Hi, I purchased
    the above product on 18th January, it was a gift for my boyfriend and
    I just wanted to say thank you! He said it’s the best present he’s ever
    had and loves it, he travels away every week so get loads of use out of
    it. I love it too and may even buy myself one! Many thanks, Steph T [
    BLACKPOOL ]  17/03/2011
    Dear Leather Briefcase Co., I purchased a Visconti messenger briefcase
    [ # 18074 ] from your website and I received it this evening. I just wanted
    to share with you how happy I am with this product and with your services.
    The packaging is impeccable to start with, but more importantly the quality
    and design of the briefcase itself are superb. It very much exceed my
    expectations. Thank you! Amer A. [ LONDON ] 17/03/2011
    Hello, I ordered the small leather briefcase
    (18074) yesterday and I am amazed and very impressed that it was delivered
    today.. what a service!. The briefcase is of exceptional quality and outstanding
    value. The nearest thing I found to it elsewhere cost £50 more and was
    not as well made. Although small and suggested as suitable for a women,
    it suits me perfectly as I wanted something smart yet on the smaller side
    as I don’t need to lug huge amounts of things around with me. Great company
    would definitely use again and recommend. Many thanks Pete M. [ EDINBURGH
    ] – 16/03/2011
     Ref # 16019 PC Mansbag.Joss, Love the briefcase, my 15″ (screen) laptop
    just goes in it snuggly, and what a damn fine smelling cow! Your grateful
    client! Sent from James R. [ Shrewsbury ] 15/02/2011
    Jocelyn, just a quick mail to let you know
    that the Briefcase [ # 15027 ] turned up. The Case is absolutely perfect…..even
    better than my expectations. This is the third Briefcase i have Ordered
    from your Company, and all three Products have been outstanding. Your
    Website is very clear, and user friendly, and the Service provided is
    excellent. I’m sure that there will be other items that i will be ordering
    in the future, and am very happy to introduce your Company to my Colleagues.
    Once again, thank you for your help yesterday, Kind Regards, John G. [
    Strabane ] 10/02/2011
    Dear Sir/Madam, I have just received my new bag [ briefcase # 18716
    ] from you and couldn’t be happier with your service. Incredibly speedy
    delivery and I have to say the case itself has surpassed my expectations
    in its quality. I shall definitely be recommending you to friends and
    will certainly look to buy further products myself in the future. However
    I wanted to express my gratitude in your excellent service and product
    and wish you every success in the future. More British companies should
    be as thorough as yourselves. Regards, Kye H. [ EASTBOURNE ] 08/02/2011
     Dear Carol,I just wanted to thank you so
    much for your efficiency and great service! I was so thrilled to receive
    the bag earlier than expected and am very happy with it. I just hope the
    recipient of the bag loves it too! Thank you again, Eleanor R. [London]
    [ # 1088 Italian leather travel bag ] – 09/02/2011
    Hi, Thanks so much for the excellent customer service regarding my recent
    purchase. Briefcase [ # 18074 ] absolutely beautiful, shall definately
    recommend your company to family, friends and colleagues. Many thanks
    again. Nichola S. [ Dundee ] 04/02/2011
    Dear Jocelyn, My order was delivered by
    courier yesterday less than 24 hours after placing it with yourselves.
    [ # 5261 attache case ] I wish you to know that I am extremely satisfied
    with the service I have received and that I am delighted with my new briefcase.
    Kind regards, Rev. Richard B. [ Yeovil ] 27/01/2011
     Just to let you know that the briefcase [ # 8190 brown ] arrived today
    – a day earlier than your earliest expected date! Lovely briefcase – gorgeous
    colour, lovely smell – I’m looking forward to Monday so that I can use
    it! Thanks Patricia W.[ Southsea ] – 26/01/2011
    Hi –just wanted to let you know that we
    are really pleased with this briefcase [Oxford Slimline Briefcase]
    – the quality is superb and it looks and feels really classy. Also,
    exceptionally fast delivery without any problems – very impressed and
    would certainly come back to you again. This is a gift for my father’s
    80th birthday and will be taken overseas to him next week, so I will certainly
    let everyone know where it came from! Also, many thanks to Joss for returning
    my voicemail message with detailed information . So nice to hear a pleasant,
    friendly and human voice for once instead of an automated set of options!!
    Well done and thank you. Jayne G [ Baldock ] 24/01/2011
     Hi Order arrived today – # 74970 PC Briefcase. Excellent quality case
    exactly as described, brilliant service in every respect. Thank you. Regards
    Ted K. [ Ringwood ] 17/01/11
    # 87953 ROLLING CASE A quick email to thank
    you for your speedy despatch of my order, I left a brief message on your
    answerphone. It is a fantastic, quality piece of kit which will afford
    me many years of use, I have spent the last couple of hours ‘moving in’.
    Once again thank you and please feel free to use my comments. Best regards
    Roger S. [ Bexhill-on-Sea ] 12/01/2011
     ASHWOOD # 2081 I just wanted to let you know that the holdall has arrived
    and is the nicest one we have seen. Our boss will be delighted and I will
    be sure to visit you again. Many thanks Denise T [ Manchester ] 17/12/2010
    Dear Gang I wanted to thank you for the
    very quick delivery of my order…….even at this time of year. I love
    the bag [ # 18410 ] and I am really thrilled to have it. Many thanks Jeff
    C. [Fakenham] – 16/12/2010
     Just wanted to say that the briefcase [ # 18716 ] arrived yesterday
    and it is excellent. I am very grateful for your superb service. Professor
    Heather S. – 09/12/2010
    Recieved my order this morning, [ jewellery
    box ] thank you for the fast delivery service it only took two days and
    free delivery. and i would just like to say what fantastic quality for
    the price, i’m over the moon, someone is going to be very happy at christmas.
    I will certainly be using you again in the future. from a very happy customer
    MRS E H. [ Blaydon ] 24/11/2010
     Dear Jocelyn Wow! What a superb case. [ # 5210 – 22″ inch rolling cabin-case
    ] I just had to e-mail you to tell you how satisfied we are with it. It
    is just the right size to fit both our laptops , power cords, and mice.
    Not only that but it looks absolutely fabulous (nearly too good to use!).
    Many thanks for your advice and assistance Kind Regards Brian L. [Wakefield
    ] 23/11/2010
    Hi, received the bag thanks. It is great
    quality and something like this would cost at least £40 in a department
    store. Thanks! Andy S. [Gerrards Cross ] – 08/10/2010
     My briefcase [ # 8190 ] arrived in good time yesterday morning. I love
    my new briefcase and it appears to be really well made. Thank you so much
    for your help in getting it to me in time for an important meeting! Best
    regards, Grant H. [ London. ] [ CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DIRECTOR – MAJOR U.K.
    PLC ] – 07/10/2010
    The “Special Memories” chest arrived safely
    today and I am delighted with it. Thank you for the care taken when packing
    it. Elizabeth B. [Dundee] – 01/10/2010
     Good afternoon, thought I would drop you a quick note to say “thank
    you” for your prompt service!! The quality of the leather briefcase on
    wheels [ # 90944 ] is excellent and I am delighted with my purchase. This
    is a 50th birthday gift for my husband……..very difficult to buy for the
    “man who wants nothing!” I am sure he will really like it – thank you
    again. Arlene K . [ Perth ] 24/9/10
    Just to say that briefcase # 9860 was received
    safely yesterday and is perfect. Thank you. We just hope the recipient
    thinks it is as good when he receives it at the end of next week. Thanks
    again for your help. Anne P. [ Northants ] – 21/09/2010
     My new bag arrived today. I love my new bag. [ # 16054 XL ] Thank you.
    Neil (happy customer) D. [ Newcastle-on-Tyne ] – 24/08/2010
    Dear Sir/Madam, I have just received my
    order [ “HENRY” BRIEFCASE” ] and I am absolutely thrilled with my new
    bag. The quality is amazing for the price I paid, and delivery was prompt.
    I shall definitely be ordering from you again next time I need any leather
    goods. Thanks again. Kind regards, Andrew E. [Newcastle upon Tyne] – 05/08/2010
    Arrived Tuesday 3rd. [ # 18548 ] Very pleased, great bag, fast and efficient
    service, kind regards,Val L. [Northumberland ] – 05/08/2010
    Hi, Just a quick line to say Thanks. I have
    dealt with your company twice for different bags. On both occasions I
    have been very impressed with the quality of product and the speed of
    delivery. So a big thank you. Mike C [ Quedgeley ] – 22/07/2010
    Hi Joss, just to say that the bag [ # 87853 ] arrived yesterday &
    I wasn’t disappointed. A great looking piece of quality kit and an impressive
    service. Highly recommended!! Many thanks, John R.[ Leigh, Lancs ] – 16/07/2010
    Hello Joss, just a quick note to say that
    i have recevied the briefcase first thing this morning and i am more than
    extremely happy with the purchase (15027). thank you again for your patience,
    understanding and for allowing me to change my mind…twice!!! i know
    now where to buy future gifts and also where to point people who need
    to buy gifts for me!!!!! thank you again Albert Y. [ Croydon ] – 15/07/2010
    Joss Should have emailed earlier to let you know the bag [ # 18410 ]
    aarived in record time (last Wednesday..sorry distracted by visitors).
    It looks just the job. Thank you very much. Rosie C. [ Turley, France
    …air parcel took two days ] – 14/07/2010
    [ We sent out the wrong item…and to make
    up for the mistake up-graded the customer’s replacement ] Dear Jocelyn
    , Thank you so much for sending my replacement bag so speedily !! It’s
    be–ooooo-tiful !! Just what my husband wanted ! His birthday is not until
    August but I said he could use it next week as we’re going away . We can’t
    thank you enough for being such a helpful & customer friendly company
    …. definitely use you again & recommend you to our friends &
    relatives . Best regards , Jan R. [ Woking ] – 13/07/2010
     Hi Jocelyn, I received the bag [ # 18548 ] last weekend and started
    using it today. It’s everything I hoped it would be! Thanks you very much
    for taking care of my order. Best wishes, Bart S. [ Holland ] – 12/07/2010
    Arrived today. [ # 40156 shoulder bag ]
    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the speedy sevice. Much appreciated.
    Arthur D. [ Aberdeen ] – 08/07/2010
     Dear Andrew, Carol and Jocelyn, Firstly I would like to thank you on
    your great service. I placed an order on Monday and received my leather
    bag today. [ # 18410 ] Beautifully packed and delivered. Fantastic service!
    I will certainly let all my friends and colleagues know about your website.
    Secondly, the main reason for my purchase was for a suitably sized and
    stylish leather bag to carry my iPad. I had been getting little joy searching
    the Internet with iPad based queries. Luckily, I happened to have a patient
    on Monday who had this bag and it looked perfect for the job. The bag
    is a VISCONTI LEATHER SHOULDER BAG (A4 + size) and it is indeed perfect
    for my iPad with plenty of space for other bits and bobs. I don’t know
    if it is possible to associate it with the iPad in a google search or
    to contact Apple to try to get it on their accessories page on the Apple
    shop as it could certainly turn in to quite a lucrative sales avenue!
    Thanks again, Richard O. [ Sutton Coldfield ] Sent from my iPad – 07/07/2010
    I would just like to inform you how pleased
    I am with the brief case that I have just received from yourselves. It
    will be a suprise present for one of my sons in August, I am sure he wiIl
    like it as much as me. Thank you for your top quality product and excellent
    service. Kind Regards Paul B. [ Carlisle ] – 06/07/2010
    Thanks Jocelyn. New case (74970) has arrived, and I have to say, it’s
    fabulous. I will have no hesitation in recommending your product to my
    friends. Thanks again, Bruce H. [ Hatfield ] – 03/07/2010
    Jocelyn, I received my briefcase [ # HENRY
    ] yesterday, simply wonderful. Thanks for everything. Richard C. [ Luxembourg
    ] Sent on Monday, arrived Friday of the same week – 03/07/2010
    Hi Jocelyn: I just received your briefcase and it gorgeous!! In fact
    it is so gorgeous that I would like another one in dark brown. [ G-15
    Gaucheros Vaquetta Leather Briefcase.] Adriana Barraza [ Laredo, USA ]
    – 03/07/2010
    Hi I’d just like to say how pleased I am
    with your service. I rang this morning because I was going to be in and
    out of the house all day and wondered when the item would be delivered.
    I was given concise information on exactly when it was dispatched and
    likely to arrive.I bought my husband a brown leather satchel briefcase
    from your site about four years ago and he is still using it, and loves
    it. So with his birthday coming up and the fact that he requested a leather
    folio, I knew where to look. And I wasn’t disappointed. The leather folio
    [ # 7801 ] was delivered safe and sound and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Perfect
    item, perfect price! Thank you so much regards Lynn P. [ Burghfield ]
     Hi Jocelyn, I just wanted to let you know that the bag [ # 42520 Rolling
    Case ] arrived safely and I am very pleased. Thanks Brid D. [ Belfast
    ] – 19/06/2010
    Thank you for the very efficient service.
    Case [ # 2509 ] arrived yesterday as promised. Lovely product.Don E. [
    Leatherhead ] 04/06/2010
     Hi, Just wanted to say thank you so much – it has arrived [ # 3099
    briefcase ] – and it is amazing! Thank you! I will be back ! Sam, [Bath]
    – 28/05/2010
    I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic
    service.My fiance has been looking for a leather bag which had both messenger
    and briefcase handles/ straps for some time and asked for one for his
    birthday, however, with a wedding fast approaching, I did not want to
    spend a fortune and was dismayed that everything I found on the High Street
    cost over £120. I came across your website, saw the Visconti slimline
    satchel style briefcase [ # 18716 ] and decided to cross my fingers and
    hope for the best. I was amazed when I arrived at work the following morning
    to find it had already been delivered. And the bag is fantastic – better
    than any I’d looked at before and at half the price. I will ensure I recommend
    you to my friends. Thank you once again for an outstanding product with
    an outstanding price. Jennifer [ Edinburgh ] – 27/05/2010
    Thank you so so much! What a fantastic case and real value for money!
    I shall definitely be telling all my colleagues about you! Cheers Paula
    Hi there Having purchased a Pedro Leather
    Messenger Bag last week, I wanted to relay how impressed I have been with
    both the product and the service. The bag has exceeded my expectations
    as the quality is absolutely superb, and would probably cost twice as
    much in the shops. Not only was the price fantastic, but the speed of
    delivery was mightily impressive too. Having ordered on Wednesday afternoon
    the bag was in my possession before 11am the very next day – I’d challenge
    any on-line retailer to better that! I’d strongly recommend The Leather
    Briefcase Company to anyone, and would certainly use again. Keep up the
    fantastic service! Kind Regards James – 29/03/2010
    Many thanks for the bag [ #3046 PC messenger ] which arrived at 0930
    this morning. Excellent service, great product and I will recommend you!
    Thanks again Bob [ Abergele ] – 23/03/2010
    Dear Andrew, Carol and Jocelyn, Recently,
    my wife ordered me one of your Cortez Leather Briefcases, style 87846.
    She placed her order on a Sunday evening and the case arrived promptly
    on Tuesday morning. If only every mailorder service was this well-run
    and professional. As for the bag, it is quite the best quality briefcase
    I have ever been given – at any price. A colleague of mine has a Prada
    men’s briefcase that lists on the Prada site at US$1,980 and it is nowhere
    near as well made, nor is the leather as good. So, a great product, at
    a great price, with great service. I’d pleased to recommend your company
    to anyone I know. Kind Regards Philip – 19/03/2010
    Hello to all the Staff at Leather briefcase; Just a huge thank you for
    your service and product (18548 – VISCONTI CLASSIC MESSENGER BAG – LEATHER),
    I recently purchased as a birthday gift for my husband. He was very pleased
    with his bag, and he really liked the colour and feel of the bag. The
    bag had plenty of pockets and space for all of his documents/files, and
    he liked the magnetic fasteners which secure the flap onto the bag. I
    searched the internet at great length looking for a great stylish bag
    and with a reasonable price. The Leather briefcase company was the only
    one that had a huge variety of styles, colours, sizes, and all a great
    prices; and even more important in stock. The delivery was quick, and
    packaged so that the bag wasn’t damaged in transit. My only complaint
    was that it made it difficult to choose one! I will without a doubt make
    future purchases from the site and recommend to my family and friends.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband initial reaction when he opened
    the gift was “Jack Bauer, eat your heart out!” Sincerely Mrs. Evans (N.
    Wales) 10/03/2010
    Hi Joss, Just to let you know I received
    my bag, [ # 18516 ] fantastic. Thanks again for all your help. Kindest
    regards, Richard 05/03/2010 [ Air posted Monday…arrived in Germany on
    Friday ]
    Joss,Just to let you know the briefcase arrived at the allocated time
    and I am absolutely delighted with the product. Many thanks for your help
    today. Regards, Kathleen 25/02/2010
    Just want to let you know how pleased I
    am with my recent purchase from you. (Visconti satchel 18716) Delivery
    was very quick and the satchel is fantastic, quality is first class. Would
    have no hesitation in recommending your company. Regards Alan 01/02/2010
    Just to say many thanks for prompt delivery of the Briefcase [ ASHWOOD
    8190 ] it looks really nice and I would certainly use your company againBest
    Regards Paul 31/01/2010
    Dear Andrew,Carol and Jocelyn, I receved
    my order yesterday and I am very pleased with the quality of the product
    and your overall service. My wife ordered a Keneth Cole Reaction briefcase
    before Christmes and I know she too was extremely pleased with your service.
    Please offer our congratulation to all of you colleagues for a job continually
    “Well Done” and long may your business prosper With thanks Roderick 22/01/2010
     Thank you so much for delivering my bag [ # 87853 tan ] in this terrible
    weather! I cannot believe that it was delivered in 2 days with more than
    a foot of snow! The bag is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted!Regards,
    Sharon 8/1/10
    Hi, Having only ordered the holdall I wanted
    late on Sunday, I was delighted (and amazed!) when the parcel arrived
    today. I just wanted to thank you so much for the impeccable service I
    received. I will definitely recommend my friends to use your business
    in the future. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Sincerely, Ryen
    S 22/12/09
    Dear sirs,Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delay in sending
    this email; I have been meaning to do so for several weeks. I purchased
    a briefcase from you at the end of October, a “VISCONTI 18716”, and I
    want to let you know how impressed I am with both the product and the
    level of customer service I received from your company. The briefcase
    is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but unable to find in any of the
    large department stores, including John Lewis etc. Friends, colleagues
    and relatives often describe me as ‘fussy’, but I just like to think I’ve
    got good taste and high standards, and the briefcase you supplied certainly
    meets my expectations. I have already recommended your website to others
    and would have no hesitation in shopping with you in the future. In summary:
    great product, great price, great service! Thank you! Best wishes for
    Christmas and a successful 2010 trading. Yours sincerely, Simon Carlaw
    Hi Jocelyn, As I’m one of those people that
    is prone to complain with poor service and inferior quality goods, it’s
    incumbent on me to praise where it is due: firstly, I received the holdall
    [ # 87853 tan ]I ordered from you – it arrived on Saturday morning, very
    prompt delivery and secondly, it looks superb. I must admit I’m often
    loathe to order products on-line that are made from natural fabrics –
    you know the scenario, you see a nice tan leather bag and when it arrives
    it’s actually bright yellow plastic. You check the web-site and in the
    small print it states “photographs for illustration purposes…..the bag
    you get will made from cheap nasty plastic”. However, in your case, you
    do, as it says in the ad, what it says on the side of the can. Well done
    – it looks and feels great and I’m sure it will improve with age. Looking
    forward to ordering my brief-case (as below) in New Year. Merry Christmas.
     Just a short note to say Thank You.I sent my order in friday afternoon
    and my goods [ briefcase # 18716 ] arrived sometime on saturday morning,
    great goods together with great service. As I am someone who is the first
    to complain I feel I should also praise. Thank you once again “old-fashioned
    service” at its best and I will not only be using you again but telling
    others. Lets hope husband likes it now! Regards Valerie Baldwin 21/12/09
    Received the bag [ # 18548 ] today and i
    must say i am very impressed ! the look and the quality is superb, this
    is a xmas present for my son who teaches English in Munich and i’m sure
    the natives will be very jealous !!Thanks again for your quick service.
    George 16/12/09
     Hi Joss, I just received the folder [#3603 ] and I’m very happy with
    it. High quality, beautiful finish, fast service. Thank you. Will definitely
    recommend you. It’s a present and I hope it’ll be equally appreciated.
    Kasia 16/12/09
    The case [ # 18716 ] arrived first thing
    this morning, couldn’t believe it got here so quick. I am very pleased
    with it thank you so much for your excellent service. 15/12/09
    Hello,I have received all three of my purchases and I just wanted to
    say how delighted I am with all three. The style and quality is exactly
    as portrayed on your website. I am really pleased with my briefcase, light
    and slim yet functional and stylish. I am sure my wife will love her Christmas
    present of the overnight bag. I now have to think what to fill it with!
    Likewise my son will be pleased with his wallet. I’m sure I shall be recommending
    you to many of our friends and colleagues in the near future. Thank you
    very much. Excellent products and great service. Regards, Pat 10/12/09
    HiMany thanks for the very prompt delivery
    of the briefcase [ # 131364 ] I ordered. The quality is superb and I know
    that my wife will be very happy with her Christmas present. Again, many
    thanks. Best regards Alan 10/12/09
     HiI placed an order for the cognac version in the end which arrived
    today and I would like to just say how pleased I was with the help the
    gentleman gave me on the phone, the excellent service and how quick the
    briefcase [# 3638] was delivered. The briefcase is just right Thank you
    very much for you help and service Regards Judith 10/12/09
    Subject: New Zealand orderFriends, My man
    bag 18410 arrived on the 7th December, and is truly more than expected!
    Excellent – fabulous – wonderful! Thank you so much for your very understanding
    and prompt service. Anyone asking me when they can get the idea bag, I’ll
    be telling them where to go FIRST. Happy & Blessed Christmas Graham
     Hi Jocelyn, The bag arrived yesterday and is absolutely marvellous.
    Thanks. Neil 01/12/09
    Jocelyn,Arrived this morning. Delighted
    with the case [ # 51346 cognac ] and happy to recommend the Leather Briefcase
    Co. Many thanks, Tom 19/11/09
    Dear Andrew, Carol & Jocelyn,I’ve just received a brown leather
    gladstone bag from you for my father’s birthday present [ # 8810 S ].
    Whilst it isn’t fully unwrapped yet, I am extremely pleased with the quality
    (and colour!) and will definitely be using you again when I buy something
    for myself! Thank you very much, John 17/11/09
    Dear Jocelyn Many thanks for my order which
    I’ve just received, and am delighted with. [ Folio 18238 ] Your service
    has been excellent and I will be recommending you to friends and colleagues.
    Thanks again. Regards James 17/11/09
     Hello, This is was to inform you that I have received my order as planned.
    Also, I would like to congratulate you and your team for the quality of
    service that I have received. The ordering was really simple, the courtesy
    with which you you answered my questions during a phone call and last
    but not least the quality of the product [ # 187801 ] that I received.
    Really outstanding product quality. Again thank you so much. This is a
    great family business that really stand up to its promises. Please feel
    free to use this as appropriate in you site. Alain 11/11/09
    JossI ordered the Ashwood Cabin Holdall
    [HG4] on Saturday morning and have just signed for its delivery now. The
    item is exactly as described on your website and the quality seems to
    be faultless. Thank you very much for your exemplary service and be assured
    that I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends.
    Best regards Craig 10/11/09
    Hi, I just wanted to say how delighted I was with your very prompt service
    and the quality of the messenger bag [#18516] I ordered for my husband.
    Fantastic service all round and at very reasonable prices. Well done.
    Sharon – 03/11/09
    I have just received my order. Excellent
    delivery service and the briefcase [#1929] is gorgeous. My husband will
    love it, its his Christmas present. Thank you very much for such a quality
    purchase. Kind regards Eunice – 29/10/09
    Hi there,already received – how mega fast is this service? Unbelievable
    – and amazing quality product, [ # 18716 ] for the best price i could
    find – very happy customer! THANK YOU! -27/10/09
    Just a brief note to thank you for excellent
    service!I received my black “man bag” (17520) safe, sound and extremely
    quickly – a credit to internet shopping. I have for many years been a
    loyal ###### customer – until they decided that they really don’t want
    to do black in a style I liked despite a price tag of around £170.00,
    and that after having had it on order since July! Your product doesn’t
    quite have the same sort of quality feel as a ###### item but at less
    than a quarter of the price I can happily live with it. Regards, Stephen
    W. Nottingham – 23/10/09
    Hi ya, I orderd a satchel [ # 1999] one day, delivered next day, excellent.
    Very good quality, good price,thank you. cheers Richard – 21/10/09
    Dear SirsI just felt I needed to thank you
    for the prompt service and the exceptional quality of the luggage I received
    today. [# 30655 and # 5345] I also think that the prices are very competitive
    indeed and to my surprise both the suitcase and the briefcase had some
    extra items included. The last time I bought luggage like this was on
    a return trip from Italy a couple of years ago. Once again thank you,
    and I will definitely check your site again. Yours sincerely Brenton 20/10/09
    Hi. Thankyou for your follow up calls to me. I have realized that I
    bought my case from [ A.N.OTHER ] and not your store so apologies for
    my mistake. Ironically they are proving to offer poor customer service
    compared to you! I wish I had bought from your store instead! All the
    best Paul  – 14/10/09
    I write to thank you for your excellent
    service and product. I am delighted with my purchases [# 18548 & #
    18178] which are of excellent quality and value for money. Thank you very
    muchKind regards Lynn 14/10/09
    Many thanks for the safe & speedy delivery of my order 14301 ! [
    # G89 Gaucheros travel bag ] I’m very impressed with your service &
    would have no hesitation in buying from you again, and in recommending
    you to others !! The bag is lovely & will make an ideal Christmas
    gift for my husband – at last, we can get rid of his tatty old Guinness
    holdall !!! Noelle 08/10/09
    Thank you so much for your service when
    ordering my husbands bag, [ # 18548] he loves it! I will recommend you
    to others, regards Rachel 03/10/09
    Bag [ # 18548 black ] has just arrived Jocelyn, thanks its great, a
    present for someone and just what I was looking for. Kind regards, Aoife
    – 01/10/09
    Rec’d today. [ # 16019 and # 18548 ] I love
    them. You can add me to your pleased customers list. Art , New York. (01/10/09)
     Thank you for the excellent service and I am simply astonished at the
    quality of the briefcase. # VA 14 Recommendations will be granted freely!!!!
    Thanks again Phillip 30/09/09
    Andy,May I just say thank you to you and
    your company for a great shopping experience. I ordered a bag [ # 18410
    ] from you yesterday. I had found your website well laid out and easy
    to use but I always prefer placing the actual order in person. I phoned
    the order through. The call was picked up promptly and the order dealt
    with efficiently. You promised next day delivery in the morning despite
    my order being placed around 12:30pm rather than before noon. That happened,
    excellent service and much better than my other recent experience of an
    online purchase and ‘next day’ delivery. In particular I appreciated the
    extra information you add in the product description over and above the
    manufacturer’s information. I am 6 foot 2 so your comments about strap
    lengths were very useful. The product itself (a Visconti ‘man bag’) is
    everything you promised it would be. As a middle age man dipping a nervous
    toe into a whole new fashion experience I am actually looking forward
    to giving it its first outing. Thank you once again, I look forward to
    my next purchase from you. All the best, Myles – 08/09/09
    Hi Received our Gladstone bag order today…..just delighted with the
    quality and service. Will definitely buy from you again. Many thanks Neil
    C 02/09/09
    Hi AllJust received my V88 Leather Holdall,
    super quick service and fantastic product. Thanks to All. Steve ( Sidcup
    Kent ) – 02/09/09
    Joss My bag (HG4) arrived yesterday and I’m very impressed.
    It’s superb quality at any price but as I’ve seen it elsewhere on the
    web at over 60% more than I’ve paid, I’m very pleased. Malcolm – 28/07/09
    Good Morning I am very rarely impressed these days by the
    standard of British retailing…BUT..I have to say that you win my award
    for Retailer of The Year. I orderd this bag [ # M 7701 ]
    arrived this morning..and I am delighted..great quality,good value for
    money and I can`t wait for my next weekend away. Thank you for your service
    and I will be back!!! Cheers Phil 25/02/09
    Before placing my order yesterday – and I shop a lot via
    the Internet with living out in the sticks – I read your testimonials.Here’s
    another – your delivery was the quickest ever, and the Safari Bag I ordered
    is exactly what I wanted, THANK YOU! Gill (Cumbria) – 06/11/08
    Hi, I have taken delivery of the bag [Classic Messenger
    Bag 18548 antique brown £49.95], below are my thoughts, please feel
    free to use them as you wish.Hand on heart, probably one of the best products
    I have purchased in several years. Had I bought this item from a city
    retail outlet, I would have expected to pay eighty pounds plus, and would
    have been happy to do so. The bag is both constructed and finished to
    a very high standard; someone has clearly gone to considerable lengths
    to source good quality materials. The stitch-work and lining are grade
    A, unlike some bags that skimp on the internal materials. The layout is
    also well planned, and the bag is able to comfortably contain two A4 files
    along with other items, without appearing cumbersome; the other zip pockets
    are well placed and of a good useable size, (the zippers are also of a
    high quality). I imagine this bag will last for years, It looks fantastic
    from new, and will clearly look better, the older it gets; your photos
    do not do this item justice. Whether buying one for yourself, or receiving
    one as a gift, you would not be disappointed. I will be shopping with
    you again, just as soon as I require another leather item. If all your
    products are this good, I think you will be trading for many years. A
    friendly, prompt service, and a quality product; why can’t more traders
    follow this example. Thank you. James – 21/10/07
    This is just a note to say that I have been obsessed with
    your website for the past couple of weeks. For sometime I have been looking
    for some good leather travel and work bags. I ordered the Vaquetta leather
    travel holder in black (VA151). Its the travel holdall I have been searching
    for. Its a good size and I wanted a holdall that is always packed with
    a couple of shirts and ties for work, the weekend, shoes and toiletries,
    without having to run around the house and grabbing stuff to pack last
    minute. Now its already ready packed and either in the corner of the hallway
    or in the boot of my car for nights or weekends away. The leather smells
    pretty good and I have had people staring at it. A couple of days ago
    I ordered the 3045 Spikes and Sparrow 3045 tan messenger bag. It arrived
    today and the photo on the website did it no justice. This is one classy
    mans bag. It smells and feels good and its just the right size, not to
    big or small. This is a real high quality messenger bag, and I advice
    any man or woman to spend that little extra for this one. I would like
    to buy more of this brand. I guess some of my friends and colleagues,
    will be ordering this one. I would like to add that the delivery service
    is first class. All goods ordered reached the next day usually before
    midday. Its also easy to take deliveries at work. If I am busy the receptionist
    or someone can sign for it. Also spoke to Josh, he’s prettty cool its
    was just like speaking to a friend for relative – nothings a problem to
    him. Thanks very much and kind regards to you all. – JMM – 26/11/08
    Just wanted to let you know – the case [#
    3046 ] arrived this morning – and I LOVE IT! Thank you so very much. All
    the very best for Christmas and 2010. Belinda 03/12/09
    My order arrived today and it is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much
    – my husband will love it (It’s a Christmas present!). Will definitely
    visit your website again to look for future gifts. Very impressed with
    service – and am over the moon over the bag!Many thanks, Hilary 01/12/09
    Hello, I meant to email you before but keep
    forgetting to. I ordered my messenger bag a couple of weeks ago via the
    Internet, either on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday, the bag arrived
    on the following Tuesday, excellent – promise kept. The bag looks lovely
    and if it is as good as your delivery promise I am looking forward to
    being able to use it. Unfortunately I was only allowed to unwrap it, look
    at it, make sure it was ok, make sure it was big enough for the A4 pads
    (it is). then unfortunately it has been whisked away to Father Christmas’
    grotto somewhere (probably on top of the wardrobe) to await Santa’s helpers
    wrapping it up so that I can be pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning!
    Thank you Kevin 01/12/09
     I ordered the shoulder bag #3045 late on thursday night and it arrived
    at work first thing Monday morning. Terrific delivery, especially as i’d
    just had a worrying time buying a watch over the internet. The bag itself
    is terrific, smaller than i expected which is great as i don’t carry too
    much and, although i liked the bag, was worried that i would just be carrying
    around a lot of empty space. Great quality workmanship from what I can
    see and the prices are amazing when compared to similar “named” products
    which are upwards of £200. I’ll definitely be back for one of your larger
    luggage pieces and a wallet. Thanks Craig, Edinburgh – 24/08/09
    I am writing to thank you for your excellent
    service. The briefcase and folio, which I ordered last night, arrived
    this afternoon and I am delighted with them. Many thanks. G. A. W. – 21/08/09
    Hi Guys,I just wanted to follow up and close out on my order by saying
    how satisfied I was with my whole experience with your company. From order
    to delivery I was impressed by your methods, contact and courtesy, and
    when I got worried about delivery, you contacted me with information and
    assurance. In addition to all of that, your product was magnificent, the
    quality, feel, appearance and value for money were world class. Thank
    you to everyone at the Leather Briefcase and keep up the good service.
    Kind Regards, James – 20/08/09
    I ordered a Visconti messenger bag yesterday
    at 1020, it arrived this morning. What excellent service. The bag is a
    present and so I was delighted to see that it was packaged securely and
    it was in perfect condition and just what I expected. I had already searched
    locally for this bag and it was more expensive, so will definitely recommend
    your site to others. In fact, one of my work colleagues saw it as I was
    unpacking it and has asked me for your website details.Many thanks. CE,
    Oxford / 12/08/09
    Received my order yesterday [ # Visconti 18548 ] excellent quality,
    great value for money, will be ordering from you again. Regards Sean 05/08/09
    I am just writing to thanks for sending
    my rolling case which arrived safely the day after my order was placed.Many
    thanks for your very efficient help. I am really delighted with the quality
    of the case, as indeed I was with the leather jacket I had from you several
    months ago Again thanks for your help and excellent service. I will have
    no hesitation in recommending your company to family and friends. Kindest
    regards, Jonathan B North Devon  – 17/07/09
    Andrew, Carol, & JocelynI’d just like to say thank you very much
    for your super rapid delivery of my bag (style 8716), I was amazed how
    quickly it arrived. Excellent packaging. Recently my Nan passed away and
    left me a small amount of money, I wanted to buy a quality Item, that
    I would use everyday, to remember her by and I am very glad that I chose
    to buy from your online shop. When I opened up the parcel I was very impressed
    with the quality of the bag, far exceeded my expectations, my Dad uses
    a similar bag and his cost over £200, he is extremely jealous. The quality
    of the materials and workmanship of the bag are both exceptional, well
    thought-out design with useful pockets and excellent overall feel to the
    bag. I also like the way the you do not advertise the brand but let the
    style and quality of the products speak for themselves, an admirable policy
    and one that more companies should adopt. I will definitely be recommending
    your website to my friends, family and work colleagues. Dave W – 15/07/09
    I would like to take this opportunity to
    say how pleased both my husband and I were with the products that we purchased
    from yourselves a few days ago. I bought my husband a “man bag” for his
    birthday and he was over the moon. He was particularly pleased with how
    well made the bag was, and it was everything that he was looking for!
    We also ordered a couple of credit card holders for each other, and I
    must say after much searching in various shops, you had just the product
    that we wanted. Once again it was well made and best of all both products
    were excellent quality and very good value for money.We will definitely
    use your company again and certainly intend to recommend you to all our
    friends and family. Keep up the good work Kind regards Mrs Christine D
    – 11/07/09
     Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. Both the
    Vaquetta Travel Holdall (VA 151) and the Leather Wash Bag (AW881) are
    of excellent quality and good value for money. I am so pleased I visited
    your website. The service was excellent, thank you. I would recommend
    your company to anybody and will definintely order from you again. Regards.
    Julie 30/06/09
    Morning AllJust to say that I am extremely
    pleased with my new briefcase 13099. Really good looking and excellent
    value for money. Overall a great expireince with you from an inital phonecall
    enquiry to ordering on the web and the order being delivered within 24
    hours. Keep up the goodwork and I would recommend your company without
    hesitation. VBrgds Steve – 27/06/09
     Hi,Want to send a great big thank you to the gentleman I spoke yesterday,
    for all of his help. I received my order this morning [ # 17603 foloio
    ] and I am so pleased with it. The item is even better than I had anticipated,
    top quality and a great design, my dad is going to thoroughly enjoy his
    gift, it is perfect. Due to my lack of attention to detail on your website
    I only ordered this item yesterday but needed it as a fathers day gift.
    The gentleman I spoke to yesterday was so friendly and helpful. As a result
    of his customer commitment, support and dedication I thankfully did receive
    my order and I am truely greatful. Please send my regards to the appropriate
    person. Thank you again Kind Regards Sue H (a very happy customer) – 20/06/09
    Do you realise this bag is worth about £300-400
    at least ? Gosh, its really really nice. [ # 8810 Gladstone travel bag
    ] Thanks for you great service, damn this bag is niceMade my week !!!
    Regards Fungerayi – 12/06/09
    Hi there, I have just collected my bag [ # 410 shoulder bag, mocha ]
    and I am….speechless…absolutely delighted! It is much more than what
    I have expected – excellent quality and design. I missed my delivery and
    the person who answered on your line was so kind and helpful. Thank you,
    it was absolutely pleasure to deal with you. Valeriya – 11/06/09
    Hi Joss, I received my order today, it’s
    absolutely great. The service, the quality, and not to mention the delivery
    was brilliant. Will defiantly check out your other products when the need
    arises again. I will recommend to all my friends and family. Many Thanks.
    Garry – 04/06/09
    Joss,Firstly, thank you for your recommendations, you are right I love
    the cognac colour, so pleased I had went with your professional sales
    judgement. The following compliments are at your discretion to add to
    your testimonials page of your website. Just to confirm I bought a cognac
    leather briefcase, one of those highly recommended style by your goodself/
    sales department. 1. Superb high quality product, in fact much more impressive
    than up market high street store’s leather briefcase products. 2. Very
    traditional english classic sales service, which is a dying breed these
    days. 3. Highly customer focussed and excellent telephone service. 4.
    High quality and authentic website, very impressive. 5. Delivery service
    is impressively fast. Definitely will be returning to purchase other products
    in the future. Kindest Regards, CK, Reading 9/6/09
    Dear Leather Briefcase Co. UKI recently
    purchased a LARGE LEATHER GLADSTONE BAG, with WHEELS (in Cognac – code
    30061) from you, and just wish to thank you for the prompt and efficient
    delivery. You will be pleased to know that the bag has already been put
    to good use and gone through several sets of baggage handlers. What I
    really wish to add, is that this bag is an ideal shape for the over-head
    luggage racks on the Orient Express. The Wheels and base studs will secure
    it nicely, and you will be able to enclose a lot of items, whilst retaining
    manoeuvrability, and of course, stylish looks. Thanks David 23/05/09
     I wasnt expected this level of quality for this price. I couldnt be
    happier, thanks! [ # 3046 PC Messenger Bag ]Col – 21/05/09
    Re: Order number 12689 # 8716Dear sir, Thank
    you for your wonderful service and prompt delivery. My bag arrived yesterday
    as promised and was in every way exactly what I wanted; I was a bit worried
    prior to the delivery as I would usually want to “handle” the goods prior
    to purchase. It is rare in this day and age to encounter such good honest
    service, and your company has restored my faith in British retail! I don’t
    make a habit of writing such e-mails, but in your case I decided to make
    an exception as I though “credit where credit’s due”! Thanks again. Rhod
    – 14/05/09
     That was impressive service! I ordered yesterday at 3.15 and received
    the briefcase this morning at 9.30. I am delighted with the case, the
    quality is first class and I’m sure my husband will love it! Many thanks
    for your excellent customer care Carol G Thank you for your kind comments,
    and taking the time to contact us. Very much appreciated on a wet Friday
    morning in London!For your info we also run :-
    … new styles to be added over the next few weeks
    ….new ladies range / new mens styles including King Size coming soon
    Same principles, good quality / low prices / prompt delivery. Trust the
    briefcase is wll received, and gives good service. Rgds, Jocelyn Ollett.
    Hi Jocelyn Just thought I’d let you know my husband was delighted with
    his case. He loved the colour and the fact that you can smell the leather!
    I would be more than happy to endorse your company should you wish to
    have any testimonials from extremely satisfied customers. Keep up the
    good work! Kind regards Carol G – 17/04/09
    Just to let you know that the Vaquetta “Cargo
    Holdall” I ordered on Saturday arrived on Tuesday as advertised – and
    to say that I’m very very pleased with it. Beautifully made, very sturdy
    looking and much better quality than those I’ve seen elsewhere at twice
    the price. Thank you …. David 18/03/09
    Dear Family OllettI have just taken delivery of my order
    and wanted to let you know that firstly I was amazed at the speed of delivery.
    I do a lot of shopping on the internet but this was outstanding. Secondly
    I felt I had to let you know how delighted I am with the quality of the
    goods. I ordered the luggage as a present for my husband. He is a classic
    car enthusiast and his favourite one is a 1951 Jowett Jupiter in Racing
    Green with very awkward and little luggage space. The luggage will look
    very stylish when we are rallying and will also save a lot of grief when
    packing for a long trip – how to look decent for two weeks from carrier
    bags has been a bit of a problem! With thanks Jacqui – 11/03/09
    Good morning Thanks again for another speedy
    delivery of a first class product. [ # 140156 ] I am delighted Regards
    Michael – 11/03/09
    JocelynThe bag [ # 686 briefcase ] is absolutely
    stunning and very well made – it exceeded my expectations. A great product,
    great price & great customer service thanks Dave – 07/03/09
    Just note to say how happy I am with my purchases. Both bags [187890
    & 2081] were top quality and above my expectations. Exceptional value
    for money. I have already recommended you to two other people. Regards
    Kevin 02/03/09
    Hi I’m not normally bowled over
    by stuff I buy but I’ve just bought a VA7701 leather holdall from you
    which because it’s dark green was sold off at £39.95 normally £99.95 as
    it is not proving to be a popular colour. I’m Chuffed to bits with it,
    smells of really good quality leather car seats and looks the bizz. Quality
    is absolutely fantastic and I can quite believe it is 100 Pounds worth.
    It arrived the next day as stated. Just a small suggestion which may or
    may not help you move these. I’m into cars and I feel if you changed the
    colour discription to British Racing Green (as you probably know there
    is no standard colour for this but the bag is not too far off the accepted
    colour), or possibly Racing Green and targeted the motoring sector I believe
    you would sell a lot more of these and may even be able to increase the
    margin. Forrest Green does not do it justice. Thanks for the very good
    service. Kind Regards, Peter 21/02/09
    Good afternoon Many thanks for the speedy delivery of the above order
    It arrived safely at around 1pm today and I am delighted with the purchase
    [ # 7520] I will definitely be ordering again soon Regards Michael – 26/02/09
     Hi I would like to thank you for the leather Gladstone Bag [ 8810 S
    ] I bought. What a beautiful bag it is, so well made. I am delighted with
    the service and the bag. It is for a gift for a friend who travels a lot
    and like to travel light. it’s just perfect. Thanks, I will tell all my
    friends about this site – fantastic Regards Lorna 09/02/09
    Just to say thank you so much. Bag [ MM100
    ] safely delivered and looks fab! Many thanks – much impressed with your
    service. Cherry 17/12/08
    HiJust a quick email to let you know how impressed I have been with
    your service regarding my order the brief case I brought [HD 27] was better
    than it looked on your site, the speed of delivery was exhalent and the
    value for money unbeatable, nice one! Yours Lindsay 15/12/08
    HelloI just wanted to thank you for the
    two leather man bags I have purchased from you during the past 2 months.
    They look so good that I will not use them when it rains. Thanks again
    for the prompt service and delivery. I have recommened you to all my friends.
    J H 12/12/08
     Hi just wanted to say a big thanks for the really prompt delivery of
    my recently placed order..(big xmas problem solved!). It’s always a risk
    when you order on-line as you can never be too sure of the quality of
    the goods you will be receiving, the two bags I have bought are beautiful…
    THANKS Chrissy  – 13/12/08
    Dear Sirs, many thanks for your prompt service,
    we received the leather bag today! Very impressed, thank you!!!Karen 09/12/08
    My delivery arrived yesterday. I was very impressed with the speedy
    service and the excellent quality of the VA151 bag. The leather and interior
    finish are beautiful and much better value than I have seen in the shops.
    Thank you, that’s one less Christmas gift to worry about. Elspeth – 05/12/08
    I would just like to thank you for the very
    prompt service and excellent quality of the bag [ # PE 200 ] I purchased.
     Very impressed with the shopping experience, product [ # 187853 tan
    holdall ] and speed of delivery. Will buy again. Many thanks Simon – 27/11/08
    HelloI just wanted to say thank you for
    processing and sending my order so quickly. The bag [# HG4 ] is great
    and I am impressed with the quality. It will make a great birthday present
    for my boyfriend. Many thanks Melisa – 28/11/08
     I ordered the briefcase (8716) yesterday morning and it arrived today.
    Looks great, but it’s my Christmas present so it’s now hidden away. Thanks
    for such good customer service – I appreciated your prompt replies to
    my e-mails and I wish you continuing success. Please feel free to use
    this as a testimonial.regards, Colin 26/11/08
    Received case and love it! Have forwarded
    your website to my team Thank you! Nicola – 26/11/08
    Just wanted to write and thank you all for the first class service and
    quality of the order I put with you. Only ordered yesterday, received
    today and top notch goods.[ # 8716 ]Although received at work will study
    the goods when I get home but from what I can see will recommend you to
    loads and loads of people. Thank you so much again. Kind regards Jill
    – 26/11/08
    My order arrived today,I am absolutely delighted
    with it,the quality is superb.[ # 3046 ] Many thanks for your prompt service,my
    son will be very happy with his Xmas present! Sandra T – 26/11/08
    Dear Andrew, Carol & Jocelyn Ordered 8548 – CLASSIC MESSENGER BAG
    late Sunday night Arrived before 10am Tuesday morning Superb looking bag,
    The price was brilliant for such quality I will definitely pass on your
    detailsExcellent service Many Thanks Andy, (Cheshire) 25/11/08
    Hi Jocelyn Just a quick note to say… “Thank
    you for the speedy delivery of the bag I ordered from you. Really impressed
    by both the bag and The Leather Briefcase Company. You’ll be hearing from
    me again!” Feel free to use this on your site if you wish. Best wishes
    Tony 21/11/08
    Dear All I have just received my order and I would like to thank you
    for all your help. I was after a briefcase/work bag for my wife and didn’t
    have a clue as to which ones were suitable for a woman. However, following
    a couple of emails to you, I was quickly pointed in the right direction
    as to which ones were suitable. I placed my order at 11.30 a.m. on the
    Tuesday and it was delivered by noon next day. Unbelievably good service.
    The briefcase itself is lovely, very good quality at a great price. Once
    again, thank you for all your assistance and advice. Regards David W 20/11/08
    Just a short note to say that I am impressed
    both by your service and by the quality of the Top frame briefcase [#11326]
    I have just taken delivery of.Derek, Torquay – 15/11/08
    Good afternoon, Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely PC large
    messenger bag [# PE 200 ] that arrived today. I ordered it just before
    10am yesterday and it has just arrived – very speedy! It is for an anniversary
    gift and I’m so pleased with it. The photos really do not do it justice.
    The leather is lovely and it is beautifully made. Very much looking forward
    to giving it as a gift! Kind Regards Joanna – 05/11/08
    I would like to take the opportunity to
    tell you how impressed my husband and I were with the prompt and efficient
    service received.The Briefcase [ # 13099 ] was purchased as a gift for
    our son and we are very pleased with the quality. Thank you again for
    your efficiency Mrs. J P – 01/11/08
     Hi, received the toilet bag yesterday and the two gladstone bags today.
    All three products top quality, thank you very much. Will definitely pass
    on your details.Regards, Andy – 01/11/08
    Dear Joss Received my order today, [ # 8410
    black ] very pleased with the quick delivery, The Man Bag is superb quality
    and the price was even better . Good to get something off the net that’s
    everything it’s advertised to be ,I will most certainly recommend your
    company to my friends and hope to buy off you in the future. A Very Satisfied
    Customer, Regards Harry – 23/10/08
    Hi Andrew, Thank you for delivering the Slim Portfolio in Leather (WP106)
    I ordered from you on Friday in time for my brother’s birthday on the
    Saturday. I really appreciate you going out of your way to arrange delivery
    to him in time for his birthday, especially when it was ordered from you
    at the last minute. He rang me to say he was really pleased with it and
    it was just what he wanted. He was really impressed that it was real leather.
    It was actually for his 30th Birthday, so I wanted to get something for
    him which he could use for a long time to come. I will certainly recommend
    you to friends and associates. Thank you again, for your great friendly
    service Kathryn – 21/10/08
    Just a quick EMail to let you know that
    the replacement shoulder bag has arrived safely in excellent condition.
    The real test of a company is how they deal with problems when they occur,
    and you pass with flying colours. The shoulder bag is of excellent quality,
    and is absolutely ideal as a “netbook” computer briefcase when used with
    a protective sleeve. Thank you once again for the excellent service: I
    will definitely be using you again and recommending you to my friends
    and colleagues. Best wishes Hugh – 21/10/08
    Dear Mr. Ollett;The Cognac underarm folio, 17603, arrived at my home
    today so I thought I would send a short e-mail to thank you for the great
    customer service. Your company proved to be truly customer focused as
    seen in your quick response to quickly answering my questions, processing
    the order and shipping the folio. I was also very impressed with the quality
    of the product and would say that it exceeded my expectations. I do plan
    to be a repeat customer. Thank you again for great service and great products!
    Best Regards, Dave – 16/10/08
    Hi AllI have just taken delivery of my Leather
    portfolio with retractable handles and just wanted to let you know how
    delighted I am with it. The quality is superb and has the look and feel
    of something I would expect to pay an awful lot more for on the high street.
    Your service throughout has been excellent, having contacted me by phone
    to advise of delivery and rearranging to fit in with me. This level of
    customer service is essential in business and is sadly lacking elsewhere.
    Thank you once again, I will certainly use you again in the future and
    will recommend to friends and colleagues. I imagine I will be using this
    for many years to come. Kind regards Kirstie – 14/10/08
    Dear All, I have just received my order today [rolling suitcase and
    matching wash bag ] and wanted you to know how delighted I am with my
    purchases.Both are presents for my husbands birthday and I’m sure he will
    be equally as delighted.Many thanks for your brilliant servive and prompt
    delivery. If I need anything else in leather I’ll definitely be shopping
    with you again. Thanks again Julia – 17/09/08
    Jocelyn Further to my note an hour ago,
    the bag [# 18753 ] has just arrived with me and it’s well worth the wait.
    It’s beautifully crafted. Thanks very much. Jim K. Belfast – 15/09/08
    To Jocelyn Ollett I am deeply impressed! As if in no time the bag arrived
    today [# 3045 ]and I am very pleased. Thank you very very much. Best wishes
    Marianne – 11/09/08
    I love the case. Fantastic value. ( # 748
    )Thanks! Nicolette {Totnes} – 28/08/08
    Thank you for the fantastic bag (# 8410 ) which arrived a few hours
    after I ordered it.The quality,price and service is excellent .I will
    certainly be passing on word of your great webshop. Best Wishes David
    – 22/08/08
    Just received briefcase. ( #8119 cognac
    ) Fabulous !!many thanks Bryn 15/08/08
    Just received briefcase. ( #8119 cognac ) Fabulous !!many
    thanks BF 15/08/08
    Dear Ms. Ollet, The bag that
    I recieved so quickly is excelent and compact. I wish you a successfull
    future business and a lot of customers satisfied with a quality range
    of products that you offer. Thank you. With kindest regards, Ales M. (Slovenia)
    – 13/08/08
    Hi Just received product 8410 shoulder bag, and have to email to say
    what a fantastic service only ordered it at 4pm yesterday, better still
    not only is the speedy service fantastic the bag itself is of such fine
    quality and has all the hallmarks of much more expensive high street products,
    but which are in reality in my opinion far inferior to the one I received
    form you this morning; I doubt if I will need to replace this bag for
    many years which again makes it such a good bargain, I will have no hesitation
    in referring people to your company, and wish you every success in the
    future Best Wishes Norman – 12/08/08
    Dear Jocelyn Ollett I received the briefcase
    [# 8716] from you today, and I’m very pleased! Thank you very much for
    your very fine service and a high quality product. Best regards, Hanne-Luise
    DENMARK – 01/08/08
     V6 – SMALL FLIGHT BAG- Thank you for an excellent service and an excellent
    product. It is exactly what I had wished for, the descriptive photographs
    were brilliant – the product even better! Next day delivery what more
    could we ask for – Thank you. Kind regards Clive – 09/07/08
    Hi folks, What a service, could have mentally
    said thanks, but thought this would be better. Your website does not do
    justice to your products The bags received are stunning. And your ‘Old-Fashioned
    Service’ can only be admired as second to none. Many thanks for your kindness
    and courtesy. The two young girls who will receive these bags will feel
    much the same when I tell them. Once again many thanks. Kind regards Ron
    – 08/07/08
     Thank you, for such fantastic travel holdalls, and superb delivery
    and communication. I cannnot believe how you can deliver such great quality
    at this price. Many thanks, Ally – 20/06/08
    Just to say the folio (# 4941 cognac ) arrived
    today. It exceeded all our expectations, it’s just perfect. Many thanks,
    Angie  – 14/06/08
    This is just to say that I am very pleased with my order for one leather
    travel holdall V151. It arrived promptly this morning (Thursday) having
    only ordered it Tuesday evening. We don’t often get such good delivery
    and I was grateful for not hanging around several days waiting for it
    to come. I will be using it over the weekend for a trip away and I am
    sure that everyone will be aware of the lovely warm leather feel and smell.
    Thank you for your service. Regards Gina – 05/06/08
    Andy, Case just received this morning! [
    # 8190 black ] Fantastic service, and a really beautiful product at a
    great price. Thanks so much Amanda – 02/06/08
    Hi I’ve just received the Messenger bag ordered yesterday morning for
    my husband’s birthday, I’m delighted and I think he will be too. Fantastic
    quality I think I’ll be buying one for me… Thanks and Best Wishes Gill
    – 30/05/08
    Just wanted to say excellent quality and
    excellent service from you guys would recommend your site to all !Regards
    Marie – 23/05/08
     Hi, I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank You!’ for a fantastic service!
    The bag I ordered on Thursday was delivered the next day, well packaged
    and secure. By the way, the bag is excellent too! Keep up the good work!
    Best regards, JoJo – 19/05/08
    HiI would just like to thank you for the
    unbelievably fast delivery you have provided regarding the briefcase (
    # 929 tan ) I ordered. The case is of excellent quality, exactly as described
    and at a very reasonable price. I am extremely pleased with it. I can
    thoroughly recommend your company and service and your website is now
    listed on my ‘favorites’, Many thanks Brian – 14/05/08
    Can I just say how impressed I am, having ordered a £29.95 manbag from
    yourselves. Ordered it on Sunday night at 8.00pm received it Tuesday am,
    and what a superb item it is. An office colleague was very impressed,
    guessing that the bag was, believe it or not around £400.00 !!!! Thanks,
    will definitely recommend and use you again. Eamonn – 14/05/08
    Dear SirsI have this afternoon received
    my ladies briefcase [ # 8119 cognac ] and it is quite simply the most
    gorgeous thing I’ve seen in ages!!!!!! The smell is intoxicating too……….
    With best wishes Kate – 02/05/08
    Good Afternoon,Just wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you for the
    fantastic service and product. I ordered a deluxe suit carrier ( # 70085
    ) with you on Monday evening around 21.45, after spending a couple of
    hours deliberating over it. At 9.15 this morning (Wednesday). I received
    my goods in time for my business trip this Thursday.. I am more than happy
    with the suit carrier, it is exactly what I have been looking for but
    been unable to find in the shops. Your delivery, packaging, communication
    responses and most importantly product are first class. I will defiantly
    use your company again and will recommend you to colleagues and friends.
    Once again many thanks. Regards Andrew W – 23/04/08
    Hi, I just thought I’d write & let you
    know just how impressed I am with both your service & the bag I purchased
    from you. I ordered online at about 10.20a.m yesterday & received
    it today just after lunch..Fantastic ! The bag is for my father who is
    a young 74 on Friday & registered blind..I have bought it so that
    he can carry all his necessary bits & pieces about without having
    to go through all his jacket pockets every time he’s out & I know
    he will love it..very good quality & great price. I would certainly
    use you again ( in fact I wish I had found you when I was looking for
    a suitable bag for my stepson who embarked on a gap year last November
    ! ) Many thanks & again, well done. Kind regards, Karen K – 09/04/08
    Dear SirI would like to thank you for such a smooth transaction on a
    product I bought from you (Item No 3603 – DELUXE QUALITY LEATHER FOLIO)
    I am absolutely delighted with your service. I placed the order at 15.40
    on Wednesday and it arrived 8.45 the following morning. I am absolutely
    delighted with the product I would expect this leather folio to give me
    many years of service seeing the quality of the leather. Hats off to you
    and your company and I will certainly be using you again. Kind Regards
    Paul L – 26/03/08
    Dear All Just a quick email to say my cargo
    holdall has just arrived and I am absolutely delighted with it. I will
    recommend you without hesitation to anybody and everybody. Many thanks
    Guy T – 26/03/08
    Dear Sirs,Just a quick note to say many thanks for your prompt service
    and attention. It’s the first time I’ve ordered from your store and things
    couldn’t have gone smoother. In fact I’ve already recomended you to a
    colleague. Sometimes people do not hesitate to complain when things go
    wrong but very rarely take the time to compliment on a “job well done”.
    Many thanks once again. Kind Regards James – 18/03/08
    V14 Tan Briefcase: Received today, very
    happy with the product. Regards Chris – 18/03/08
    Thanks for the prompt delivery of my ladies briefcase. I am delighted
    with it. Quality is superb and I love the smell when I open the boot of
    the car to take it out! Regards Sharon 17/03/08
    Good afternoon,I have just received delivery
    of a Black Leather Messenger Bag, Style 47294 and would like you to know,
    how pleased I am with the quality of the bag and your superb service.
    Many thanks, Brian 11/03/08
    Dear Jocelyn, I am delighted to tell you that the briefcase arrived
    30 mins ago and is now boxed, giftwrapped and ready to be presented this
    afternoon. Thank you very much for your excellent product and truly outstanding
    service. Kind regards Sarah – 05/03/08
    today,Even better than I imagined. Thanks, Phil – 04/03/08
     Dear Andrew,Carol and Jocelyn Ollett.I would just like to say that
    it has been a pleasure doing business with you, I am highly satisfied
    with the case and the same goes for your communication to me. Also the
    quickness I took delivery of this item, superb. Thank you all very much,
    and if I should need anything else in your products it will be the first
    place I will look. Thank you all once again. Kind regards Bernard – 28/02/08
    HelloJust to advise the bag arrived first
    thing this morning and I am absolutely delighted. Look forward to doing
    future business. Many thanks Collins – 25/02/08
    Joss Just received Attache´ Case, it’s exactly what we wanted. Many,
    many thanks for your help – and such prompt delivery. Vivian – 25/02/08
    Dear Can you please
    add mine to the list of glowing testomonials that you have! As they all
    say 1. The quality far exceeded my expectations. 2. This was a last minute
    present for a son, who thanks to your brilliant delivery service is now
    the proud owner of a very beautiful bag. 3. I could not and would not
    have found something at such quality at this price in any of the High
    Street stores – and Edinburgh is not short of ‘upmarket shops’. 4.So finally
    can I say thank you for ‘making’ someone’s birthday with a very special
    present. best wishes Fran – 24/02/08
    Joss,To say I’m happy with the case would be an understatement. Thanks
    for your help, Adrian Hall – 22/02/08
     Hi allJust wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and
    effort you applied in getting me the briefcase ( #8190 ) that i had ordered
    at such short notice – my partner absolutely loved it!!! Thank you so
    much Kind regards Laura – 11/02/08
    Can I congratulate you on a the fantastic
    quality of the brief case, I’m sure that future business is assured.Kind
    regards M S – 07/02/08
     Subject: 1929 Leather Briefcase This was bought as a Christmas present
    for my husband. It was delivered within 24 hours of ordering and the quality
    is excellent – beautifully crafted and finished – it exceeded my expectations.
    He is absolutely thrilled with it. I will be recommending your site to
    friends and may well be back for more myself !!Geraldine – 16/01/08
    Bag arrived at 11.30. Wonderful service
    and beautiful bag. Very pleased with your service. Will use your site
    again and highly recommend to friend.Stuart S – 28/12/07
    Dear Sir/Madam, The briefcase ( # 87852 tan ) arrived safely. I am very
    impressed with the quality, value for money and the quick delivery. You’ve
    got yourself a walking advert! Best wishes R A – 24/12/07
    Dear All Just a short note to say ‘thank
    you’ for your excellent service. I don’t normally internet shop, preferring
    to see what I’m buying but couldn’t find anything locally that completely
    fitted my requirements. Your web site caught my eye straight away with
    the picture of some great looking bags. Your description of the item I
    purchased was spot on and accurate. I was sceptical that the delivery
    would be as good as stated with Christmas just around the corner, but
    absolutely no problem. Best of all – a great price for a quality item.
    I really can’t find fault and will definitely keep your site in my ‘favourites’.
    Regards Barbara – 12/12/07
    Hi Just received Man’s Shoulder bag 18410 in Antique Brown. A beautiful
    piece of craftsmanship that is easily as good as described. The quality
    of the leather and internal fabrics is outstanding and I expect that the
    bag will give many years good service. Zips and fixtures and fittings
    are all of the highest standard as is the attention to details of design
    and construction. This bag is strongly made, well stitched together and
    I’m certain will age well. I’m delighted! Clearly, the people who make
    your products take great pride in their work and deserve to read the many
    comments of praise. And… delivered within two days of order!Thanks and
    very best wishes Nick 05/12/07
    Dear JocelynI write to thank you for the
    prompt and efficient service provided by the Leather Briefcase Company.
    After our conversation yesterday, I have just received (before 9am) the
    30354 style PC briefcase. Top marks for quality and service. I am sure
    I will be looking for an overnight bag to match and would definitely recommend
    your company. Thanks again Ruth 11/12/07
    helloI would like to thank you for the recent order that I placed with
    yourselves for a large holdall, May I firstly thank you for you prompt
    delivery and helpful website, but most of all I am overjoyed with the
    goods that I have received they are of excellent quality and value and
    I will most certainly be recommending you to my friends. Regards Mrs J
    Hi There,Just to let you know I have now
    received my product, and to add some feedback on the product “Very Pleased
    and highly Delighted with the product # 87801 value for money My ONLY
    regret is why didn’t I come across The Leather sooner.
    Bookmark this site guys and spread the word” Thank you again. Sincerely
    Yours Timi 30/11/07
    Good Morning I rang yesterday for some advice about luggage and subsequently
    ordered on line as above. I would just like to thank you for the excellent
    service, having received the goods within 24 hours. How wonderful that
    we still have a Company that cares about customers and does what it says
    on the Website. Regards Lesley 29/11/07
    Dear all I bought my first bag from you
    two months ago (large shoulder bag) and I’ve just received my second purchase
    this morning (messenger bag). Again I’m really impressed with the quality
    of the bag, the price and the prompt delivery. They truly are lovely bags.
    I just want to add for you women out there – even though they’re described
    as ‘men’s’ bags, they really are unisex. They’re classic designs that
    won’t date. On seeing my bag, I have had nothing but compliments from
    my female friends, and they are surprised when I say that it is a man’s
    bag. Any tips on how to care for the bags, please? Many thanks, N. Jones,
    North Wales – 28/11/07 (PS You’re welcome to use this on you testimonial
    Good afternoon I was amazed to receive the black bag this morning which
    you so kindly sourced for me and for which I only sent the cheque of to
    you two days ago! I always feel I am taking a risk when dealing with a
    company found on the internet as one never knows what sort of service
    they are going to receive, but I have to say both times I have dealt with
    your company I have received amazing service. The first time you very
    kindly took back a bag that my husband decided was too big when it arrived
    and replaced it with the smaller organiser bag, and this time, some six
    months later, you supplied the same bag in a different colour even though
    it is no longer on your web site. I have to admit when I emailed you asking
    about it, I was only half expecting a fruitful outcome and thought I was
    going to have to scour the shops to find a black bag for a Christmas present.
    So, many thanks for your helpful and truly efficient service. Kind regards.
    Tina Walker 25/11/07
    Good afternoon, Jocelyn.I want to thank
    you again for your courteous and quick responses to my emails. I received
    the product today (much quicker than expected). Sometimes, items shipped
    to me within my own country take longer than the week it took for your
    item to come to Florida from the UK. I am absolutely grateful. I absolutely
    love the classic messenger bag and I’m sure my friend will enjoy his Christmas
    gift. I like it so much, I may have to order one for myself. It’s perfect.
    Thank you again. Have a wonderful day! Barbara 16/11/07
    I read your testimonials with interest and a little cynicism,
    they looked too good to be true.As there was little choice of briefcase
    locally I decided to try The Leather Briefcase Company. Ordered on Sunday
    morning, case arrived on Tuesday. Style 1929. It far exceeded my expectations
    for quality and value for money. The nearest locally was £140 and would
    have been a 40 mile round trip. Well done another satisfieed customer!
    Thank you. Simon – 06/11/07 What a nice way to start the day. Frankly
    when I read those testimonials I’m amazed…I don’t think we’re that good,
    maybe it’s just the lack of choice and service standards in the High Street?
    May we use your email in our testomonials please? Thank you for your kind
    comments, and sharing them with us. Rgds, Ollett family. – 07/11/07 I
    would be more than happy for you to use my mail in your testimonials.
    Its so nice to find a company that actualy does what it says it will do!
    Simon – 08/11/07
    Jocelyn Just a note to say the x2 briefcases ( # HDPC 27 ) arrived on
    Tuesday as promised. They are great, good size, quality leather and the
    antique finnish is excellent.Can I just take this opportunity to say it
    has been a pleasure to do business with a company that obviously consider
    that customer service is paramount and that the majority of people are
    honest. The quality of service, speed of delivery, friendly communication
    and the quality of the product have restored my faith in human nature!
    Many thanks I am sure my son will be very pleased with his birthday present
    and the other is my Christmas present from my other half….so I have
    to wait until Dec 25th to be surprised at how good a briefcase this will
    be…….:-) regards John – 14/11/07 PS please feel free to quote me
    Dear Jocelyn,I received the briefcase (#8190
    cognac) on Tuesday and my husband is very happy with it, it really looks
    the part. It’s a great gift. Also, thank you for the black portfolio,
    it was very kind of you to send that on. It has been lovely to deal with
    a company who cares about customer service. Regards Jo 01/11/07
     Dear all Thank you very much for the extremely fast delivery time of
    my pilot case. Ordered it at 9:30 yesterday and it arrived before 9:30
    this morning in A1 condition. Product as expected and good value for the
    price paid. Would definitely use you again/recommend you to others. Thanks
    again Best Regards Kevin 01/11/07
    Your bag arrived today just as promised
    – and it is excellent. Well done. Tom Potter 31/10/07
    Jocelyn Greetings. Bag received. All is well. It is exactly what I had
    hoped it would be. I often find it difficult to purchase stuff over the
    internet and I am filled with trepidation after I have placed the order.
    What a pleasure to open up a package and find that one is going to enjoy
    one’s purchase for many years to come. My bag is a well crafted piece.
    Thank you. Now my wife wants one. (sigh). ”Pennies in a jar,” I tell
    her.Kind regards annesh – 31/10/07
    Dear Jocelyn, Thank you for sending the
    bag so promptly, the bag is great and the service has also been excellent.
    Kind regards Tamsin 27/10/07
    hi jocelyn -recieved the bag today, less than 24 hours after placing
    the order. great service, great product, great price. many thanks for
    your prompt help and delivery. ben (19/10/07)
    Dear Leather Briefcase Co, Thank you for
    the very fast and efficient delivery of the Man’s leather shoulder bag
    No18410. I have been looking for a bag in all the shops in Sheffield including
    Gap and John Lewis, until I found your company on Google. The quality
    and design of the bag was first class and just what I wanted, the price
    was at least half that I have seen in the local stores. I will certainly
    recommend your company to all my friends. My wife made the comment that
    she wished that you sold ladies hand bags the type of styles you find
    on the continent, like the back pack style. Kind regards – Peter – (18/10/07)
    Dear Leather Briefcase Co,Many thanks for my 18570 – MAN’S LEATHER SHOULDER
    BAG which arrived first thing this morning. Your service is excellent,
    the quality of the bag is excellent and I highly recommend you to anyone
    considering a purchase from your company. Keep up the good work and I
    hope your business flourishes, because it deserves to. Kind regards, Tony
    My cabin bag arrived, and I was quite staggered
    at the quality of this leather product per se…and even more, for such
    a low price. I will certainly come to your website for any future leather
    purchases. Regards Terry (18/09/07)
    Hi there Recently bought the 1929 for my son for his new job. The briefcase
    [ #1929 ] is excellent quality and arrived next day. Can’t ask for more
    than that! Thanks again Brian (16/09/07)
    Jocelyn, I received my briefcase [ # 3099
    brown ] and am really delighted with it. Thanks for the promt and efficent
    service.Kind regards. Jocelyn, I received my briefcase [ # 3099 brown
    ] and am really delighted with it. Thanks for the promt and efficent service.
    Kind regards. David (16/09/07)
    Jocelyn, My V151 bag arrived today as promised. I have to say that the
    pictures on your web site don’t really do it justice. In the flesh it
    really is an attractive piece of luggage, based on high quality leather
    and built to last. I’m really happy with this and this alongside the washbag
    gift (I’d been dithering over this so you must have read my mind) has
    made my day. I’m looking forward to ordering from your company in the
    future as this type of quality and service can’t be beaten. Regards, Adrian
    Dear Andrew, Carol & Jocelyn, I’ve just
    returned home to find a replacement briefcase for the one I reported to
    you as faulty. Thank you very much for your swift and direct action –
    excellent service. I strongly believe that what makes the difference between
    a good company and a great one is the way in which they handle a situation
    when things don’t go quite as planned for the customer. You have demonstrated
    that you are on the way to becoming a great company – you certainly live
    up to your claim of ‘old-fashioned service’. Well done, thank you again,
    and I wish you well for the future. Sincerely Peter (05/09/07)
    Hi JocelynThanks for keeping in touch and letting me know when the new
    stock came in. The bag is beautiful and delivery was very fast. An internet
    company with a personal touch, a nice shopping experience. Keep up the
    good work! Best regards Anna (25/08/07)
    I have just taken delivery of my new medium
    cognac Gladstone ( # 8810 ) and I am completely delighted. The pictures
    on the website don’t do it justice, it is quite lovely indeed and your
    customer service is exemplary. I just had to let you know that you have
    put a smile on my face and I won’t hesitate to recommend your company
    to family and friends!Rebecca B (24/08/07)
    Thank you for efficient service – brilliant briefcase ( # J 150 tan
    ) backed by great serviceRegards- George C (23/08/07)
    Dear The Leather Briefcase Co.Just Mailing
    you to say Thank You for the Prompt and Effecient Service! Also Very Pleased
    and Satisfied with my New Briefcase! ( # 87846 tan ) Thank You, John S
    Hi, I am writing to thank you for your impeccable service with regards
    to my order of the slim-line leather satchel-style briefcase (18716).
    I eceived the order this morning and I’m delighted with the product. The
    bag is beautiful and of outstanding quality and it was gorgeously presented.
    It has been bought as a gift for my friend’s 21st and I know she will
    love it. Once again, thank you very much. I look forward to shopping with
    you again in the future. Many thanks! Emma A (21/08/07)
    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank-you so very much for
    your prompt despatch of my order.I was delighted and amazed, despite reading
    the testimonials before ordering of such incredible service.I ordered
    on thursday afternoon and on firday morning my order arrived.I had anticipated
    it would arrive on Monday at the earliest.I have made my purchase for
    my husband as a wedding anniversary gift tomorrow and I know he too will
    be delighted. With grateful thanks, Amanda (15/08/07)
    Hi, I have today received my leather messenger bag (18548) and aside
    from the extremely prompt delivery time, I’m very happy with the product
    itself. I have been looking for a new bag for some time, and the next
    best alternative was over twice the price and not as nice. I will have
    no hesitation in recommending you and it is likely that I’ll be using
    your services again. Also, just to let you know you’d have at least 1
    order straight away from me if you made a similar bag that was larger
    (with a longer strap). Thank you again and keep up the good work – you
    give internet retailers a good name. Cheers Nick (02/08/07)
    Hi Good Morning Just a quick thank you ,my
    order has arrived, and in less than 24 hours and its onderful…….I
    am so pleased with the briefcase and can’t wait till we can give it to
    our Daughter this Thursday when she Graduates. Once again thank you very
    much ( # 2509 black briefcase ) Regards mrs m (17/07/07)
    Hi,I received my order yesterday and would just like say thanks the
    great customer service you gave me re. delivery and reserving the bag
    for me. I had high expectations given the comments from other users, and
    these were well and truly surpassed when I received the bag, it really
    is awesome. ( V 88 tan – travel holdall ) Thanks again, Phil (17/07/07)
    Dear SirsMay I thank you for your extremely
    prompt Delivery service. I placed my order late yesterday afternoon and
    received a call from my mother at lunch time to say the parcel had been
    delivered! once again many thanks Yours faithfully Deborah (13/07/07)
     Hi just to let you know my messenger bag (# 47294) has just arrived
    and it is really lovely well made and finished, excellent quality and
    very fast delivery most impressed with your service thank you very much
    Amy (10/07/07)
    I’m pleased to report that I’ve just got
    my medium-sized gladstone. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.
    It’s a gorgeous design and perfect for my needs.Incidentally (and I’m
    sure this is a familiar comment from your customers) a few people have
    asked me about the bag already so you could well get some repeat business!
    Thanks and best wishes, Laura (28/06/07)
     Hello Re Order 2086, Style 1255. Just wanted to say thank you for prompt
    delivery of my document briefcase, the leather is gorgeous – I looked
    for hours for the case for an interview next week and it’s perfect! Thanks
    Melissa (22/06/07)
    Dear Sirs I was extremely surprised and
    delighted when I got home at lunch time to find that my new messenger
    bag had been delivered barely 24 hours after placing the order. May I
    say that I am more than pleased with the quality of the bag which in reality
    is better than the picture on your web site. Thank you for your speedy
    attention to my order and rest assured that I will not hesitate to use
    your services again when the occasion arises. Regards and best wishes
    Bob W (15/06/07)
    Dear Sirs,I would just like to comment on your prompt service and delivery.
    I ordered item # 537 Dark Brown on 30/05/07 and I had delivery of my item
    next day. The item is of superb quality and I am really delighted with
    my purchase. You would definitely have my custom again. Thanks to the
    team there at Keep up the good work. Best Regards
    James McK (07/06/07)
    Hi Joss Just to confirm that the bag arrived
    this morning. I agree, the tan is perfect! Thanks again. It’s been a pleasure
    to find an on-line retailer prepared to engage and to go a little bit
    further… You will probably hear from me again – that’s not a threat.
    Your page is now well and truly bookmarked and I won’t hesitate to recommend
    you. Colin S (a satisfied customer) PS – If you want a testimonial to
    place on your site, please feel free. (07/06/07)
    Many thanks for the excellent speed at which
    this purchase was dealt with. My husband is really pleased with his gift
    and I will certainly recommend you to friends. Thanks again Fiona (31/05/07
    Hi there, I just wanted to thank you so much for the quality and promptness
    of my order. The bag ( #7520 cognac ) is to be part of my gift to my husband
    on our 40th (Ruby) wedding, so the colour of the bag was a real bonus.
    Once again may I comment on the wonderful quality and workmanship of the
    bag.Cheers, Ann (30/05/07)
    I am extremely pleased with my briefcase.
    Thank you. (# 8119 dark brown) A bientôt Estella (25/05/07)
    Jocelyn,Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent and
    speedy service. I do a daily commute into London and have been looking
    for the perfect travel bag. At the weekend I spotted a shoulder bag in
    a local leather goods store reduced from £90 to £80 and was very tempted
    to purchase. Thankfully I resisted and found the identical bag (V6 – LEATHER
    ORGANISER – MESSENGER BAG) on your website for under £60, which even with
    postage is still an amazing saving. I placed the order just after 4pm
    and the bag was delivered before 9.30 the next morning! I have to say
    that is a brilliant service. The bag is fantastic. Soft but sturdy leather
    and beautiful to look at. What you can’t tell from the pictures is that
    the small handle is re-inforced inside with a metal plate which runs along
    the top of the bag (and down the side to meet the strap) which means the
    bag keeps its shape even when heavily loaded and definitely feels very
    secure. And what I hoped for, but didn’t expect, is that the bag is free
    standing and so doesn’t fall over when I put it down which is great for
    commuter train travel. This email has been written so that it can be used
    for a testimonial (hence the obvious over-description), and I could go
    on but will stop now and just say a big thank you. I will be back on the
    site looking for luggage later in the year. regards, Caroline (15/05/07)
    Dear Sir/Madam,I have just received item
    # 5210 and felt compelled to write this email as a commendation of the
    service and exceptional quality of the item – it has truly exceeded my
    expectations. Regards, Asif (16/05/07)
    Hello,Just a quick email to say that I received
    the large Gladstone Bag in Cognac ( # 8810 ) yesterday morning. It was
    for my husband’s birthday today and he is absolutely delighted with it,
    thankyou so much. Thanks again for the superb service and we will definately
    use your company again in the future Kind regards, Melanie – Bristol (10/05/07)
    Just a quick note to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my V14 briefcase.
    I ordered the item Friday PM and the delivery agent was at the house early
    AM on Monday. The pictures on the website hardly do the quality of the
    item justice and I am delighted. Thanks and regards, Bruce (01/05/07)
    Just received order (the day after I placed
    it) – absolutely as described on the web – very nice indeed. Great service
    – many thanks!Sara (24/04/07)
    Dear,I have received my briefcase (#
    47298 cognac tan ) this morning – that was bloody quick! Excellent service
    and it is perfect. Thank you. Raz (20/04/07)
    Dear Sir, Bag ( V151 tan ) received lunchtime
    and very impressed, both with the bag (excellent looking bag for the price)
    and your Service. Thank you for returning my initial phone message and
    for following up again today to confirm despatch. Very happy with my purchase.
    Many thanks. Paul (20/04/07) Please feel free to use this e-mail as customer
    Hello there, I recently bought a briefcase style 3099 from you. It was
    of excellent quality and just how I had visualised it. However, even though
    it is a large computer briefcase, it was not roomy enough for my needs.
    So I returned it yesterday and ordered a V14 in its place, which arrived
    today. I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with this purchase
    (v14). It is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. The main this is that it is
    roomy. Great for all people who need bags of space in their briefcase,
    no pun intended. Its casual style too is appropriate to my work environment.
    In a word, I was simply ecstatic at this purchase. Please, please do a
    roomy messenger bag in the same leather … it will be a winner, I can guarantee
    you. Also, have you thought about doing things such as pencil cases and
    so on? Just a thought. 😮 Kind regards Frank (05/04/07)
    Dear Sirs, I recently purchased a model
    3099 Cognac leather briefcase. It arrived a day earlier than expected,
    really speedy service! I am delighted with the quality and particularly
    with the price. Best regards, Michael (03/04/07)
    May I say how delighted I was with the briefcase ( # 9860 dark brown
    ) I ordered this week both in terms of its quality and your speed of response.
    It was ordered online on Monday 26th March and was delivered at 7.45am
    the following morning Tuesday 27th March to my home address. Many thanks
    for an excellent service.John (29/03/07)
    I would just like to thank you for your
    prompt response to my order on Wednesday received today. The holdall is
    gorgeous, just what wanted . Thanks Julie (22/03/07)
    Morning All,I have just received my order this morning and just wanted
    to say thanks for the great product and service, will definitely be using
    your company again. Thanks again Andrew (14/03/07)
    Hi Jocelyn, I just wanted to let you know
    that I have just received my order. The bags are beautiful and of the
    highest quality as you described. (# 533 and # 1279 ) Thank you very much
    for your very fast and efficient service! Also, many thanks for the beautiful
    gift, which was a complete surprise! Thanks again, Jo (07/03/07)
    Jocelyn, I received my Slimline Leather Briefcase 32157 and I have just
    recommended you to a client, my comments were: “Excellent service, quality
    products and very competitive prices” It was a pleasure buying from you;
    without doubt I will be again. Many thanks Regards, Sim (06/03/07)
    Dear Sir or Madam,My bag arrived safely
    (# 8810 L black ) and it is truly magnificent. I’m delighted and it’s
    received a lot of attention from my friends. You can expect at least one
    new order for sure in the next few days from an admirer. Thanks once again.
    Martin (02/03/07)
    Hi all I have just received my V151 Travel Bag. Absolutely fantastic!
    Wonderful quality! Regards Brian (26/02/07)
    Thank you for my briefcase, which i recd
    within 48 hrs….that’s service!Briefcase is exactly what I wanted and
    more! Thanks again. Narendra (23/02/07)
    Dear Jocelyn, Received my order today ( V 151 tan travel bag ) and very
    impressed with the quality, I’m sure my father in law will be too – it’s
    his birthday present tomorrow! I was also very impressed with the price.
    Thank you so much for being “old fashioned” it makes such a pleasant change,
    I will have no hesitation in buying from you in the future and indeed
    I will recommend you to all I can. Really appreciate your service. Regards,
    Melanie (06/02/07)
    Dear Mr Ollett I have received my leather
    travel bag V88. I am really pleased with the quality and prompt delivery.
    Many thanks Scott (02/02/07)
     Dear JocelynThis email is to acknowledge receipt (yesterday – 25.01.07)
    of my Briefcase # 47298 (order number: 1230/ Invoice no: 30297). May I
    say I am delighted with the quality and delivery service – absolutely
    first class – thank you! Regards, Corin (26/01/07)
    Fabulous service! The bag ( J147 XL safari
    leather holdall ) arrived with great speed and is even better than I had
    hoped. Classic style and superb quality. Saw a smaller bag of greatly
    inferior quality in John Lewis last week, it only cost £60 more! I look
    forward to doing business with you again. Ross (25/01/07)
    We have received our order today,( V 88 tan travel bag ) very pleased
    with the quality and faster than fast service. Would definitely recommend
    your company to others.Many thanks. Pamela (24/01/07)
    I acknowledge receipt of the briefcase ordered.
    ( #5462 )Thank you for your prompt despatch of this item and can I say
    that having been looking around for a new briefcase for sometime now,
    I am absolutely delighted with this case. Ordering from your web site
    was so easy and it is a shame I did not visit this before visiting a large
    number of high street outlets with little success. Finally, can I say
    that being ‘old fashioned’ and believing in a courteous service is far
    from being a bad thing, in fact it is very refreshing in these days. I
    certainly will be recommending you to friends and work colleagues. Wishing
    you continued success. Keith (18/01/07)
    Hi there,just want to say how impressed I was with your speedy delivery
    of the briefcase I ordered for my husband’s Christmas present;it is of
    excellent quality and he is delighted with it. With many thanks Judy (16/01/07)
    I ordered a case on the afternoon of January
    9th 2007 and it arrived in first class condition with excellent packaging
    on January 11th 2007. Your service is second to none and the bag is excellent
    representing tremendous value for money. I won’t hesitate to recommend
    you to my friends, family and colleagues. Thanks again. Regards, Stephen
    Thanks for the safe and quick delivery of the travel bag.It arrived
    in perfect condition and has made someone very happy. I would definitely
    use this store again. Many thanks Kindest Regards Zoe (10/01/07)
    My order for the leather travel bag was
    delivered to me today. Just wanted to let you know it has been received
    safely & i am very happy with it; I wont hesitate to purchase from
    you again or recommend you to my friends… thanks for the great service
    regards Wayne (05/01/07)
    Hi There and Merry Xmas,Just been given a stunning cognac leather briefcase
    as present from my mother. She ordered it on Tuesday 19 December and it
    arrived on the 21 December 2006. Quality is absolutely fantastic and we
    will definately order from you again. Service and quality is absolutely
    outstanding!!!! Regards Joe M (25/12/06)
    Hi Many many thanks for redirecting my order
    to my work address – it has arrived and is fantastic! I’m already showing
    it off and recommending it to everyone. Bronwyn B (22/12/06)
    Dear sirs, This is to advise you that the document case arrived safely
    and that I am delighted with it. It is always a bit of a shot in the dark,
    when you cannot actually handle the goods but am delighted to say that,
    for the price, I think this is a very nice bag. I will definitely recommend
    you to others. Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. Maranne
    W (21/12/06)
    Dear sir, I would like to confirm delivery
    of Leather briefcase, it came in perfect order and is lovely.Thanks Mrs.
    D. H (20/12/06)
    Dear Jocelyn, many thanks, my purchase arrived safely today (order number
    38880). I would like to tell you how impressed I am, not only the speed
    of your service but the way in which your company has marketed itself
    in this personal manner. I shall be sure to use your site in the future
    when I need further goods of this kind. Merry christmas to you and a happy
    new year, Yours, Chris H (20/12/06)
    HiJust a quick note to let you know that
    I received my order yesterday and am delighted with it. I did expect it
    to be quality but I did not appreciate just how good the quality would
    be. I work and shop in Glasgow City Centre and have been looking for a
    ‘traditional style’ satchel to use as a laptop bag as well as my everyday
    work bag for some time now. I have looked on several internet sites as
    well as the major department stores and have never come across anything
    like this for £80 !! Believe it or not, Glasgow’s biggest department store
    which carries all designer names have a similar product on a special offer
    for £400. (I hope this does not prompt you to increase your prices!!!)
    I stumbled across your site by accident and it is now saved in my ‘favourites’.
    Please keep up the excellent service and quality of your products as I
    will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you again. Marge (20/12/06)
    Thank you, I have recieved the over night case and I think it is beautiful.Have
    a very good Christmas. Alison H (19/12/06)
    Hi there Further to your request on my invoice
    I would like to confirm receipt of my purchase: 1 item 47296 cognac messenger
    bag which arrived today. I am delighted with my purchase. Not only could
    I not find anything similar in the high street shops, those I could find
    were twice the price and not such good quality. You will be my first choice
    when I need anything else in future. Regards Sharon M (18/12/06)
    Just to let you know that the two XL Safari Bags have arrived safely
    – We are very pleased with them – thank you!Regards Sharon W (13/12/06)
    I’ve received the leather travel bag this
    morning which I am very pleased with, the quality was an added bonus,
    thankyou for sending it promptly as it is a christmas gift.Many thanks
    Nicola M (11/12/06)
    Hello Jocelyn I am thrilled with the attache case which I have just
    received and the packaging was excellent. What a lucky boy my husband
    is to receive such a “classy” present for his 60th Birthday! Hopefully
    he will be delighted, too.Right from the first phone call through to the
    swift receipt of the goods, your service has been impeccable. You have
    restored my faith in giving such a good “old fashioned”, courteous service…
    thank-you. I wouldn’t hesitate to use you again or recommend you to friends.
    Will continue to peruse your excellent website… just incase there is
    some little thing I may like!! Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year
    to you all. Kind regards Yvonne W (12/12/06)
    Jocelyn Ollett, Thankyou for the swift dispatch
    and delivery of the V10 leather travel bag. It arrived on Tuesday 5th
    Dec, and i’m delighted with it. Kind regards Stephen H (09/12/06)
    Just wanted to confirm that I received my bag yesterday, struggled with
    it on the tube and train and waited till I got home to open it. Preparing
    myself for disappointment in case it wasn’t as nice as expected, I was
    absolutely thrilled (as I’m sure my boyfriend will be too when I give
    it to him for Xmas). Thank you for the excellent service, and beautiful
    product. Regards Amanda (08/12/06)
    Hello Joss, Just recieved another fantastic
    piece of luggage, great product,great service, great company, will be
    ordering again in near future without a doubt, thankyou. Kind Regards
    Cat (08/12/06)
    Hello, Thanks you very much for the black messenger bag. It looks (and
    smells) fantastic! The website, service, speed and quality is all 10/10.
    Many thanks, Laura G (06/12/06)
    Order received today. Delighted with product,
    very competitive price and prompt and most efficient service. Thanks from
    a very satisfied customer! Regards, Celia J (01/12/06)
    Thank you for the excellent and speedy service. The briefcase is beautiful,
    it was a birthday present for my daughter and she is thrilled with it.
    Many thanks. Best regards Marilyn P (01/12/06)
    Hi Just to let you know, I received the
    suit carrier that I ordered yesterday this morning! Very impressed at
    the speedy delivery. It looks fantastic. Thanks very much for getting
    it to me so quickly. Kind regards, Emmy (01/12/06)
    Dear Jocelyn Thank you very much for your e-mail. I have been away for
    a week, hence the delay in replying. The leather bag arrived in perfect
    condition and is exactly as described on your website. This is a Christmas
    present for my partner. You can add another satisfied customer to your
    long list! Regards Jocelyne M (28/11/06)
    Just to let you know I received the goods
    re the above invoice number today – very impressive since I only ordered
    it yesterday around 4pm!! Amazing – really did not expect to see the bags
    that quickly. The bags look wonderful, the leather is really soft and
    I love the tan colour – hope my husband equally likes them as his Christmas
    present. Will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for quality
    leather bags. Many thanks Regards from T (28/11/06)
    HI, Just to confirm that I have received my order. Very prompt and great
    value for money. Thanks Zana H (22/11/06)
    This transaction was “spot on”, from order
    to actual delivery in under 24 hours – excellent. The 2 bags arrived this
    morning in excellent packaging. They look great. Our daughter & Son
    in Law will, I am sure, be very pleased with this as a gift. Additionally,
    I looked at leather bags in John Lewis and found that they are almost
    twice the price for what I believe to be of very similar quality. Many
    thanks – Philip L (21/11/06)
    To everyone at The Leather Briefcase Co.UK I am confirming receipt of
    the black messenger bag and I have to say that it is exactly what I have
    been looking for. It is a first class product. After spending a fair amount
    of time searching local stores without success, it has to be said that
    shopping has been made much easier by using your company. I wish to thank
    you for your prompt delivery service and will recommend your company without
    hesitation to friends and colleagues in the future. Anthony B (18/11/06)
    Jocelyn: Feel free to use the par below
    on your testimonial page. And please continue to be ‘old-fashioned’. We’ve
    nearly forgotten how efficient things used to be. Black leather travel
    bag with wheels – booked online at 11pm on Tuesday, November 14. Arrived
    (near Glasgow)by courier Thursday 16th at 1.40pm. Now THAT’S service!
    And the product’s most impressive. I’ll be back! Ron M (16/11/06)
    Hi Jocelyn, I eventually got into the office yesterday, so was able
    to pick up my order. I admit, I was nervous – a internet purchase and
    such a good price, and as a present for Hubby so quite important. I am
    delighted with the purchase, it’s a beautiful bag and exactly what he
    wanted, something that will improve with a good battering! On that issue
    though, can you supply replacement shoulder straps or just the metal clips?
    He carries so much stuff they always break and it’d be good if this did
    not mean the end of the bag…. I will be recommending your products to
    friends and family with no reservations. Jo S (15/11/06)
    Dear Jocelyn Ollett i would like to confirm
    receipt of a cognac leather bag,i am really pleased as i have been searching
    for one such as that for some time.the bag is even better than i expected
    it to be and i know my son will love it too, thank you also for your wonderful
    service,i will certainly be ordering from you again and will tell others
    of your great quality goods and service sincerely mrs.G.T (Nov 8th 2006)
    to all these clients and many others for your kind and courteous comments.
    We try very hard to find really good products that do not carry a premium
    “logo” price…& as we have no High Street overheads this hopefully
    means you get the best value possible…well that’s our aim. We also try
    to dispatch as promptly as possible, and answer every enquiry quickly
    We’ve never decided to have a testimonial page…does
    anyone ever believe them? Until now that is! … All the above arrived
    by email on the dates shown, and we’re proud of them. We think personal
    recommendation is the best advertisement ever. If you like this shop,
    please forward it to friends who may be interested, and thanks again for
    your visit. Best wishes, Andrew, Carol, & Jocelyn Ollett. LBC 0208
    404 6451