Many of our customers at The Leather Briefcase Company will know about our travel bags webshop, which has a thriving trade in cabin bags, or “on-board” luggage.

The critical factor for passengers’ hand luggage used to be size alone, but now weight has been introduced as an additional consideration by some airlines. Individual companies make their own rules. You really do need to check carefully yourself before travelling.

The basic problem can be outlined. To take a bag onto the plane, a size of 56 x 45 x 25 cms was given as a standard in Europe, which most international airlines accept, and they may even turn a blind eye to a slightly oversize item…as you are paying to travel on a scheduled airline.

But the budget airlines like RyanAir have a smaller size [ please check today’s dimensions on their site] because this is part of their revenue stream. Also it’s worth repeating you may find that a weight restriction has been introduced. You’ll find more information about this at


A recent “Which” article shows how a golfer on a return trip might save nearly £400 by sending his clubs bag by courier to a destination in Spain, thus avoiding RyanAir’s hold charges.

Companies you might wish to contact are, Sendmybag, Luggage Delivery Company and Direct Baggage.

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